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Pleco 101 For Newbies by Joe H
The left picture is my Common BN Pleco female, fully grown and is 3.5." The right is of Female and Male L144 Lemon Plecos. The male BN gets that face full of whiskers where the female may get a few around the mouth.Ok, so I see a lot of people talking about the common pleco they got at their local fish store and that they have them in something like a 10 gallon tank.NEVER get a common pleco ...

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2 Looks very nice.
by andytran40 - 2 hours ago
17. Love hill stream loaches!
by kman100 - 4 hours ago
perfect! i will make that my mission tomorrow :) :) :)
by Chelziii - 7 minutes ago
Might be Case sensitive sometimes its that if u get errors or contact the webmaster
by Joe H - 12 minutes ago
I hate to say it but it seems like you need to start all over, sand..etc to make sure everything is OUT OUT OUT! i would maybe just use a tad of bleach, bleach your tank too and soak it in ...
by Chelziii - 15 minutes ago
The pump usually looks kind of like a box. This box stays outside of the tank. The tubing is connected to that box. The other end of the tube has the airstone on it, and that airstone goes ...
by Phoenix Sara - 36 minutes ago
Air stones do produce air into your aquarium which is a plus but..your frogs won't appreciate the vibration coming from it though :/
by Chelziii - 37 minutes ago
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