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New fish. by FishObsessed
Well I have decided to get a new fish, "What another one?" I hear you cry :-) Some of you may remember I bought a new large 450 litre tank in January this year which was my planted Tropical, which was lovely but life got in the way and it ...
Hog-nosed Brochis: Brochis multiradiatus by Aquanick
Image by Ltshears If you crossed a hog and a corydoras together, the end result would be the Hog-nosed Brochis. It's related to the corydoras which are more commonly found in the trade as well as the Aspidoras. But similarly, this is a peaceful ...
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The annoying part is when hovered over, it comes up, then doesn't go away until you wiggle back and forth properly! That's annoying! ;)
by Carley - 1 day ago
For a couple of Commons that pond would be fine but for the amount you have, it is way too small. Commons and Comets would need about 75 Gallons per fish and Koi would need soo much more ...
by FishObsessed - 5 minutes ago
Well done KK :-) yep I am getting an Oscar. I thought with the tank size, that would be first thing anyone would have guessed at :-)
by FishObsessed - 8 minutes ago
Male and female ??
by FishObsessed - 10 minutes ago
I found the solution ! Peas! Heated them up so they were mushy and kinda made them into small pieces and he was the first to gobble a piece up. I ended up having to give the tank 3 mushy ...
by Sarie - 26 minutes ago
Balloon Mollys, being deformed, always look pregnant, so it's hard to tell. If she was in a tank with males, she probably is. A gravid spot only means she is female but not that she's ...
by Carley - 55 minutes ago
This is the original duplicate question. I'm leaving the ones with more replies. Please don't double post. Admin team
by Carley - 1 hour ago
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