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Who Needs A Doctor Around Here?! Raise Your Fin!!! by Wicky Sawyer
So we get a lot of questions on diseases. And I figured it would be good to write a blog on good and bad bacteria, diseases (signs, causes and treatment), best way to treat it, and prevention. Good Bacteria vs Bad Bacteria Good Bacteria Good ...
How To Choose The Right Fish For My Tank by amneris3
Choosing which fish to stock your tank with is the best part of keeping an aquarium, but it can also be the most difficult. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right fish and make your experience successful. (Image Credit K.K MAC) How Big ...

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by amneris3 - 34 minutes ago
by suesblues - 4 hours ago
Supercharged wrote: I'm getting an error when posting. Says forbidden access.We've fixed the problem and should be able to post the images now. Thanks for the help 👍 Mickey.
by admin - 1 day ago
I would assume that the temperature of the water in the bucket dropped significantly. I am sure that contributed. I'd still like to know what kind of sucker fish they wore. The most common ...
by Safes aquarium - 3 minutes ago
And, a better plan would be to do a daily water change of 30%, using your conditioner and warm tap water then add the new water instantly without waiting a day for it to set. And, your ...
by nyleve - 4 minutes ago
Yeah :/ and thats the odd thing, at the moment the raised scales are on his tummy and a bit on his head, i tried attaching photos of his head to the original post but i guese they didnt ...
by Guest - 9 minutes ago
What size tank are they in? How many fish altogether?
by Carley - 14 minutes ago

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