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Goldfish And Substrate by KK F.
Pearlscale goldfish, courtesy of Magnum_Dynalab Substrate is one of the most highly debated topics among the goldfish world. Just like their wild carp ancestors, we often find our goldies relentlessly sifting through the substrate in hopes of ...
How to do a safe fish-in cycle by FischGeck
Okay, to start I want to be clear I do NOT advocate fish in cycling, but it can be done and safely for our fish if you take the right precautions. Having a few things on hand is a necessity IMO: 1. A good detoxifying water conditioner such as: ...
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Feeding Frenzy!
by Guppyfied - 20 hours ago
Neon Tetra School
by Guppyfied - 20 hours ago
Spartacus, a rescued halfmoon doubletail.
by Guppyfied - 23 hours ago
😄 Well it seems like a great plan and I can't wait to see them!
by Fins2MyHeart - 24 seconds ago
I'm jealous
by Betta Beauty - 53 seconds ago
Yeah, I've always wanted a whiptail, or a eclipse cat.
by AquaPlays - 2 minutes ago
Have you tried medicating them at all? Added anything to the water already?
by Goldfishfun - 2 minutes ago
we need to know filter type and how many fish of each type
by cory101 - 3 minutes ago
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