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Most Commonly Sold Pleco Species by amneris3
This blog will give some information on the most commonly sold pleco species in the aquarium hobby. It is important to know which species of fish you are purchasing before picking out the fish, but this is especially so with the pleco species. Some stay small, some get huge. Which pleco species is right for your tank? 1. Clown- Perfect for smaller aquariums, minimum of 10g, but 20-30g is ...
Betta Care Tips by Snowman
How Stress Works by PhilippaC

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Angry apisto
by Josie*paolillo - 1 hour ago
Since I couldn't find anything else to submit... Here's Quasimodo my gargoyle gecko :)
by KK F. - 1 day ago
All those are great but yeah it would be really hard to recreate the jungle one :laugh:
by jessicaaa.123 - 4 minutes ago
15 litres twice a week? no medication and correct there is some slightly but no alarmingly amount :) i just class it as 0 LOL sorry nothing to break cycle except my two recent silver ...
by Jason2K14 - 5 minutes ago
I would stick to that. One more thing, I recommend getting 2 male platties for 3 reasons, males are prettier, you don't want them breeding in a community tank, if you have 1 male and 1 ...
by KMAC5 - 7 minutes ago
Is a 40 g tank fine for about 4 discus but the tank is only about 30cm high
by discus - 12 minutes ago
I'm quite interested in this, and hopefully getting to the bottom of it. Out of curiosity, what filter do you use. And why do you feel the need to use carbon. Sorry if this has been ...
by big_sw2000 - 12 minutes ago
To keep 4 discus fish is a 40 gallon tank fine but it is only about 30 cm high
by discus - 14 minutes ago
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