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Dealing with a camallanus worm outbreak by amneris3
Medication Prazipro does not work. You need Levamisole. It can be purchased on aquabid.com from a seller called mvp. I used him, he's great and he sends instructions. If you are in Canada, Fenbendazole works well and you should be able to get ...
How To Choose The Right Fish For My Tank by amneris3
Choosing which fish to stock your tank with is the best part of keeping an aquarium, but it can also be the most difficult. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right fish and make your experience successful. (Image Credit K.K MAC) How Big ...
The Science of Aquariums by Aquarium Owner

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by FishyPaws - 5 hours ago
We will still allow entries for a few more days if anyone else would like to enter!
by Vale - 22 hours ago
how big are the fish? what are your test results? ph? nitrite? ammonia? nitrate? what else is in the tank? temp of water? was the bag filled with water and pure oxygen or with air?
by cats and fish - 8 seconds ago
I think it's why is her color so off her face is black and her body white she's not her normal color, but if your not going to be polite or helpful than don't post the response. THINK ...
by guest - 3 minutes ago
no problem I keep a eye on mine but since I put the dalmation molly in the tank with my black skirt tetra and neon tetra the black tetra is doing better
by kristen - 16 minutes ago
Hi all new to all this but my bn are happily populating my tank have eggs at the moment and all their last babies were albino both parents being brown :) was very shocking xx
by Becky - 19 minutes ago
These are the best pics i could get. http://www.myaquariumclub.com/images/fbfiles/images/received_1879731285605720-8sd
by Tash - 26 minutes ago

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