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Feeding mosquito larvae to your fish by angelfish01376
Every year, once the cold grip of winter has subsided and the heat of summer begins to settle in, I put out several clean one gallon containers of rain water in the various shady areas around my home. I throw in a couple dry leaves and a tiny ...
Maintenance Issues: pH, Restocking, Algae by puck1945
I seem to have succeeded in raising my pH and alkalinity by using less than 1 tsp. of coral chips (that's for a 20 gallon tank). Hardness still has a way to go, but there's not much I can to do about that right now. Perhaps, water hardness ...
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The one I sent you didn't pan out? I remember having a discussion somewhere. I'll see if I can find it. Nevermind... it was Instagram I was thinking of.
by debcc - 5 hours ago
Male German Blue Ram :)
by Cloudy - 9 hours ago
Are you sure she is a she and not a he? From the bottom that an-al fin looks more like a rod shape. Can we have a side view photo showing the bottom fin clearly?
by nyleve - 1 minute ago
Okay, I give. How do you have 2 1/2 pairs?
by debcc - 2 minutes ago
Oh no ! Marley now is on his own , I have a beta and two assassin snails , poor bob ! Thank you very much for your quick response! Gonna give his shell a decent funeral.
by Bob's mum - 2 minutes ago
I would not add any other fish with him until he is completely well and adjusted to the tank. Besides, unless you quarantine the new ones for at least two weeks you could easily be ...
by nyleve - 5 minutes ago
I'm in the process of putting the one fish back in the 30 gallon. I've never had a problem like this. I only had three in there at once to quarantine because I had an ick outbreak that has ...
by Cyrus Wayne - 9 minutes ago

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