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Dwarf Rainbowfish: A Species Profile by Aquanick
Now there are a good number of Rainbowfish species being sold in the aquarium trade today, but the Dwarf Rainbowfish can be considered a "wallet-breaker". However, these small but gorgeous species will pretty much be the main star in your aquarium! ...
Fish tank tips. General ideas. by Fishobsessed
I am wanting to make a blog of tips that may help someone at some point. If you have some you want adding, please pop them in the comments box at the bottom. 1) To stop floating plants from moving around in the filter current, use an air hose ...
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Hi, my name is Jade. I'm an operator on MAC for more than 5 years now. I know many of you doesn't know me and that is fine. I know almost nothing about fish and aquariums, that is not what ...
by jade - 2 hours ago
Speckles my julie cory catfish ;)
by Betta Beauty - 4 hours ago
Hey, I like the plant idea :D
by CalicoKitties - 4 hours ago
Sleeping Beauty!
by CarLey - 16 hours ago
Pastel being curious :)
by RobosAquaria - 1 day ago
Maybe she will abort them due to stress of the chamber that will be a total loss. So o will recomend you to leave her in the tank. Keep an eye on her when you see fry net them immediately ...
by Ghazi - 11 seconds ago
I will suggest getting some more mollies and 2 dwarf gouramies, i love them they are small - normal sized community fish.
by Ghazi - 2 minutes ago
The mollies will look like a rectangle, she will look boxy with a rectangular stomack, mollies may poop a lot when they are close to giving birth. She will be inactive. The reason to late ...
by Ghazi - 4 minutes ago
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