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Things I've learned along the way that can help new fish keepers... by kafm73
I began fish keeping, much like most people, without any idea about what I was doing. I had no clue about the nitrogen cycle, I had no clue what fish were compatible with what other fish. I didn't know that some fish liked hard water and some ...
Preparing your Fish for University Life by Aquanick
Image by JohnstonDJ via Wikimedia Commons University. The grand, final goal of any high school student; as well as the beginning or continuation of an epic adventure for HS graduates and current University students. Being a University student ...

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by Chester - 1 day ago
Sorry, please see rule #6 Admin team
by iPleco - 2 days ago
I'll give you the standard answer again, your tank is too small for the eventual adult size of these fish. You are going to have to get a 40 gal breeder, which means it is longer than ...
by Carley - 3 minutes ago
Thanks for posting. I'd like to see more detailed step by step instructions with photos for how you put it together. I like the idea of being handy, but somehow I always struggle. Lots of ...
by WannaCaPuma - 3 minutes ago
Sorry. Sometimes it looks like I'm logged in when I'm actually not and I can't delete the post. No wonder why I didn't get any notifications...
by Tempest - 12 minutes ago
dang that sucks i wonder how cuz its like the only tank there w no backgrounds, sucks cuz this was a really pretty looking fish oh well only time will heal him i guess haha
by BettaKeeping15 - 21 minutes ago
by Carley - 27 minutes ago

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