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An Introduction to Endlers by Snowman
Endlers, a small guppy-like livebearer is popular with aquarium hobbyists. These colorful fish have been developed into numerous pure strains based on wild fish as well as countless hybrids with guppies, pictas and others. Here's a short introduction to them with some of the terminology explained. Endler Livebearer (Poecilia wingei) Endlers have a small, but growing, dedicated following ...

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Peacock cichlids mating
by Nolan - 1 hour ago
by momtoangel - 1 day ago
thea wrote: The thumbs down vote should be used only very infrequently, for rude behavior, or real obnoxiousness.In response to what Thea said, I think the reasoning for the negative vote ...
by Zach - 6 minutes ago
i wish the fish store would have told me this. they told me everything would be fine since tank was already cycled for tetras. i am sitting here wondering why i can't get this ammonia down ...
by kalinav80 - 7 minutes ago
Heres a picture. If she is what do I do ? Shes in a 30 gallon with a gold fish I just got. Should I put her in a bowl.
by Monica - 9 minutes ago
Been forever since I have been on MAC...I think MTS is getting to the better of me. :dry:
by Zach - 13 minutes ago
Really? That's funny! They're smarter than people give them credit for! Mine usually just climb down, but I have woken up to the sound of them falling. They think they're indestructible so ...
by Kirrie - 17 minutes ago
HELP!!! I just recently purchased 2 mollys, at first they were doing fine and than one night I noticed that my female black molly was swimming werid, the next morning she was dead, I ...
by jad3 - 17 minutes ago
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