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Water chemistry - Parameters - GH and KH by Fishfur
My thanks to Leveckio, who kindly made some very useful suggestions to make this better. Water Chemistry and Parameters It's something most fish keepers should try to understand, but many of them do not. New keepers often aren't aware some of ...
Freshwater Limpets: A Guide to Getting Rid of Them by Aquanick
What the @(#! is that on the aquarium glass?! It looks like an oval shaped translucent "thing" that is slowly moving around with some weird see-through internal organs. Oh S@#! OH S--T! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! They're freshwater limpets. God I ...

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:) no problem
by Vale - 2 hours ago
Gonna try this again...
by Zach - 8 hours ago
Hey, MOVE out of the way snails! This algae wafer is mine!!
by KK F. - 1 day ago
Love the pic! Great quality.
by ethanFish - 2 days ago
Platys are really nice parents-- they love eating their fry! I would add some floating plants such as hornwort, to protect the fry. Are there ant other fish in your tank? How big is the ...
by TropicalAquarist - 1 minute ago
can discus live in dark room at night.... i.e. can I switch off all lights?
by Subrata - 2 minutes ago
Thanks again kosmos2006 and the canister media, fluval 206 just some of the white filter cylinder looking media is from loach tank not all the media and the aqueon is one of the filter ...
by will1007 - 4 minutes ago
This is normally caused from a severe bacterial infection caused from long time exposure to toxic water conditions. You will need to treat as soon as possible (once the bacteria gets to ...
by Eve2379 - 4 minutes ago
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