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Crazy Fish Girl by Spoiled Betta
My son thinks I am crazy And maybe he is right I talk to fish and learn about them Morning Noon and Night. It started with a betta And then I wanted more So silly me kept going To the closest pet store. I have made mistakes along the ...
An Overview on the Life of Guppies: Care, Tankmates, and Breeding by Aquarium Owner
<email> Guppies (Poecilia reticulata), also known as the million fish, is a tropical fish that belongs to the family Poeciliidae. It is also viviparous like most of the members of the family Poeciliidae. They can quickly populate ...

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by FishyPaws - 20 hours ago
Nitrate 0-10 Nitrite-0 Gh-75 Kh-40 Ph-6.8 Ammonia-0 My water is where it always is. The fish has soent most of the time in the gravel. Its like half of its body is not working. Its still ...
by cruzer402 - 1 minute ago
I hear on the internet a lot the pea puffers are aggressive. Mine get along with my yoyo loach kuli loach and my harlequin rasboras. Does anyone have any sugestions. I know that the otos ...
by Guest - 3 minutes ago
Thanks appreciate your prompt reply
by Clint - 9 minutes ago
I got ph 7.6 ammonia 0ppm nitrite 0 ppm nitrate 0ppm... I will test again later tonight.
by Mistyblue - 10 minutes ago
What are you keeping her in and with what (filter, heater)? How often do you change the water? She /may/ be stunted but it all depends.
by VincentsAquaria - 22 minutes ago
This is my first time successfully hatching fry. My albino cories went on an egg-laying spree on Sunday. When I got home from work Sunday I rolled all of the eggs off the glass with my ...
by BloodOrphans - 49 minutes ago

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