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Synodontis Catfish: A General Overview by Aquanick
Not all catfish genus originate from South America, a group called the Synodontis Catfish actually originate from the rivers of Africa. If you want excitement and a fish with attitude, then these fish are for you! Above: The smaller ...
The Betta Tank by Lazulai
So I was asked to write up a blog about my betta tank, so here goes nothing! First a little background on myself and fish keeping, I had always had fish when I was younger although that was around 25 years ago! God I am getting old....! Anyway my ...
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Mine looks like Steve's setup.
by Wicky Sawyer - 2 hours ago
Grandaddy Koi
by amneris3 - 2 hours ago
Can I change my pic in a potm after I uploaded it?
by AquaPlays - 2 hours ago
Hey guys, All chatter on the Themed POTM thread please. Thanks :) Subarnarekha
by Subarnarekha - 16 hours ago
Posting Google images qualifies as copyright violation and is against site rules. Image removed. Please refer POTM rules. Subarnarekha Mod team
by Dwarfgourami - 18 hours ago
Amano shrimp have to have brackish water for there larvae to survive.
by AquaPlays - 1 minute ago
Those are diatoms, cut your lighting schedule to only 6 hours aday will help and put some peroxide in a syringe and spray it on it, it will die.
by AquaPlays - 3 minutes ago
Hi Geoffrey! No, I haven't used the TSS yet. I was having so much ammonia trouble (even after the tank flush) that I finally dumped my Betta tank, except for the bio-filter, and refilled ...
by Lyndie - 12 minutes ago
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