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How to clean rocks to put them in an aquarium by big_sw2000
1. Do NOT heat rocks in an oven. Rocks can and will explode in an oven. I've seen the results of a mate's oven. The glass on the door was literally blown out. I can only imagine what would happen if you were stood in the way. 2. Do NOT boil ...
Splashing Tetras: Copella arnoldi by Aquanick
Image by Zikamoi The Splashing Tetra is one of the most unique fish which can be found in the Aquarium Trade today. It's remarkable spawning behaviour has captured the interest of many enthusiasts and aquarists alike. The ways these fish spawn ...
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#11 :)
by s4mmy - 7 hours ago
Only 4 days left, but still enough time to submit a blog :D
by Vale - 15 hours ago
Hi everyone,I know many of you were waiting for a while for this, and I'm happy to say it is done!The users' share for every extra positive vote over negative vote during the month, was ...
by admin - 19 hours ago
Vote removed Please see rule #5
by Dragonaion - 1 day ago
If you feel your plants need more nutrients, then with rooted plants there's no reason why you cant add a few root tabs. Another thing to remember. Plants don't like having there roots ...
by big_sw2000 - 5 minutes ago
I would drop the temperature of your water a bit. 81 F is a bit high. The temperature range is 74-82 F. She might be breathing rapidly because the water is not oxygenated enough.The warmer ...
by Brian Russell - 8 minutes ago
Now I don't think the shopkeeper will take it back. I don't want this Arowana to suffer from whatever its suffering(bent spine). It is beautiful and is set in the tank so I don't want to ...
by Shrest - 10 minutes ago

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