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Different Ways of Cooling Down Your Fish Tank - For All Budgets by shrayan
Cooling the tank may not be a problem for many parts of the USA, UK or most European Countries, or even people living in mountainous areas, but for us belonging to SE Asian countries, Middle Eastern countries, and quite a few countries of ...
Aquaponics for apartments by Kinimakwaii
When I first got interested in aquaponics it felt like I needed to win the lottery in order to set up a system. Most of the Youtubers are using 50 gallon barrels to raise tilapia. The commercially available desk top versions seemed tiny and ...

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by stephandemily - 2 days ago
by Bettaloveamor - 2 days ago
I'm done being stubborn, and I need help. I don't want my brothers Betta to suffer. Here's the scoop. Nitrate is 40 Nitrite is 0 PH is 8.0 Kh is 240 Gh is 180 This test doesn't appear to ...
by EvanM - 8 minutes ago
He is in a 5 gallon tank and it's filtered. I tested the PH and ammonia level and they were at safe levels. I recently moved him from my apartment back to my mom's house but he was eating ...
by Tiana S - 22 minutes ago
Well there ya go. I learn something new everyday. You can tell aquarium plants aren't my thing! Sure looks like a Peace Lily flower! :bag:
by Carley - 37 minutes ago
Did you clean the filter media at all? It holds the beneficial bacteria. Water holds next to none. When you dumped out the water, what else did you do to the tank? Why don't you leave her ...
by Carley - 42 minutes ago
My female betta has a huge belly. I have had her for 2 months and this has been an issue for her for most of the 2 months. About 10 days ago I cut back to feeding 1x day 6 days a week from ...
by Tinalucero1 - 50 minutes ago

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