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Is my fish sick? Do I need medication for it ? by Fishfur
Nobody wants to lose a fish. It can be pretty scary to come home and find one or more fish acting sick or behaving abnormally. And few of us are well prepared for this when it does happen. Not too many fish keepers have a selection of meds on hand ...
The Difference Between 25% and 50% Water Changes...a Visual by leveckio
So most of us at some point find ourselves in the predicament where a massive water removal is in order. To reset pH and KH, or to remove some seriously high toxin concentration or for any other reason imaginable. The question is how do I go about ...

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by two10eleven - 4 hours ago
Wow! All tanks look great. Will go with #34
by Giggles - 8 hours ago
13! Gorgeous fish ❤
by LindseyM - 13 hours ago
Danios are active fish and can easily outcompete your F. bettas for food etc.. As tropical aquarist said sometimes they can be nippy... So I think it's not a best choice.. And it's best ...
by blackmoor193 - 20 seconds ago
I'm a little confused.... Is the question am I ready for Rams? Do you already have any tank/fish for this project?
by TropicalAquarist - 58 seconds ago
You got it. That's if you know what fish you want. You can also request a certain number of males or females (sometimes this gets difficult if the fish are juveniles). It's best done ...
by two10eleven - 1 minute ago
Just bought 3 male guppies, 6 minute drive home, put them in the tank to float them, one is dead in the bag! What could have happened?
by Suziewright - 1 minute ago
Don't recognise it, could be a terrestrial plant. Did you get it online?
by NathanB - 1 minute ago
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