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Corydora self-poisoning by Safes aquarium
I recently learned this information and since I had never seen or heard it mentioned here, I thought I would do a quick blog to possibly help anyone who keeps, or is planning to get, corydoras. Corydoras are a type of small, armored, catfish ...
Water Changes Please by Spoiled Betta
You didn't do a water change Or give me a fresh tank And now you just don't understand Just where I am at I have a case of fin rot My eyes are popping out And you just don't understand How this came about I need a partial water change ...

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I like that idea. I had to think if I had any fish that is red.
by Wicky Sawyer - 5 hours ago
by thejas - 11 hours ago
by AKfish - 21 hours ago
It is common practice to use established filter media to jump start the cycle for a new tank. People use various methods to keep the stuff in place, including weighing it down with a rock. ...
by debcc - 2 minutes ago
Can you tell us what size tank that fish is in? Also, what the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings are? What is your maintenance routine? Finally, what other fish are in with that ...
by debcc - 8 minutes ago
I've heard that shrimp may try to clean snail's shells occasionally. I agree with Carley, I don't think they can harm the snail. You can put them back together if you want. :)
by Ninfia - 26 minutes ago
Good luck and safe travels!!!
by Wicky Sawyer - 34 minutes ago

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