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Water changes and Sticky Notes! by Carley
Have you ever had problems remembering when you last changed your tank water? I did. Did you forget to change water on time, like weekly for instance, because it felt like you just did it a couple of day ago? That was me. When I first started I ...
Buying the Right Siphon by puck1945
About 20 years when I set up my 10 gallon tank, buying a siphon was simple. I went to the fish store and chose a siphon for a 10 gallon tank. Nothing fancy--it didn't self-start, so getting the air out meant that I had to carefully submerge ...
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by Soup - 14 hours ago
Yes my strips do GH and KH and my PH is like about 8
by Guest - 9 seconds ago
Some look like they are stranded on the bottom, but others may be free swimming. From their present state, I assume the parents are not in the aquarium with their fry. If this is the case, ...
by johnarthur - 49 seconds ago
I'll do it right now so I don't forget..
by Hobo Hamm - 7 minutes ago
Unfortunately none of those fish are suitable for a 3g tank. Do you have a question?
by suesblues - 10 minutes ago
If they don't get too nervous, both parents will protect and nurture their eggs and fry. Unfortunately, one of their protective tactics is to eat their eggs or fry if they feel threatened. ...
by johnarthur - 18 minutes ago
That's unfortunate that your neons destroyed your cherry shrimp. Mine don't seem to mind or bother my ghost shrimp at all. My ghost shrimp will swim right up into the center of the shoaling ...
by BloodOrphans - 19 minutes ago

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