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Crazy Fish Girl by Spoiled Betta
My son thinks I am crazy And maybe he is right I talk to fish and learn about them Morning Noon and Night. It started with a betta And then I wanted more So silly me kept going To the closest pet store. I have made mistakes along the ...
An Overview on the Life of Guppies: Care, Tankmates, and Breeding by Aquarium Owner
<email> Guppies (Poecilia reticulata), also known as the million fish, is a tropical fish that belongs to the family Poeciliidae. It is also viviparous like most of the members of the family Poeciliidae. They can quickly populate ...

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by FishyPaws - 17 hours ago
Devil woman - Cliff Richard
by Brian Russell - 1 second ago
Partial water changes will keep the toxins down for the time being. Filters will help but it's not a long term thing on such a small tank. Filters hang on the back. Only the intake tube ...
by Carley - 1 minute ago
Kimberlee wrote: I would remove the males. Males will do fine by themselves. I did the same with my Guppies. My only problem was that the females came pregnant, and before I knew it I was ...
by Brian Russell - 2 minutes ago
Do you have live plants or lists of decor he can hide in guppies rather be in a group of min of 4 to 8 you can have all male if worries of breading males are the smallest of the genius but ...
by Dazza - 12 minutes ago
Thankyou for letting me know, the last thing I want to do is stress either of them out, also is it normal for a female to blow bubbles? Also what if I got a tank that doesn't have a divider ...
by Jack Marriott - 15 minutes ago
I have a 10g tank with 4 platys, 3 minnows and 2 danios. Plus 3 pond snails. My minnows look like yours. My tank is not really big enough for any more fish, so probably best not to have fry ...
by Hayley.s - 17 minutes ago

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