2013 Weekly Journal

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I’m planning on making small weekly updates to this journal to see how my tank evolves this year and then I can look back on the changes this year. I’ll be adding the most recent updates on top.

===== July 6 =====

I thought I would perk up my crayfish by getting him something to hunt. So I added 2 feeder fish to the tank. It’s been about a week and he caught them both. I would actually like to see it, but he seems to get them at night. He’s always hiding out in the pirate skull, which I’m planning on changing.

In my 29g I’ve done 2 midweek water changes ina addition to the weekly PWC. I’ll keep this up intil the fin rot on Simba goes away. I went to the LFS, and talked to the clerk about the algae I was starting to see that my Pleco wasn’t getting to. He recommended a Cory Cat which I bought. I did a litlle more research and it apperas I should have purchsed 4 of them. Luckily I can add more to my tank, but that will push my bio-load to areound 92%.

===== June 28 =====

My crayfish is now in his new tank. He doesn’t seem as happy. I guess there is nothing for him to hunt now that he is all alone. He seems to be hiding more than he did in the community tank and isn’t as active. Hopefully he perks up a bit.

Everyone seems happier in the community tank not that the bully is gone. One of my guppies, Simba, has fin rot. Except for my water hardness which I haven’t checked my water parameters have been excellent. I’m going to perform 2 10% midweek PWCs before my normal 30% PWC on the weekend. I’m also researching adding salt. I can dig up my old 10G tank if I need to setp a Q tank.

===== June 21 =====

The pleco lived. So we now need to come up with a name. My wife wanted to stay with one tank but I convinced her there will be less stres with Blu in his own tank. I got a used 20 gallon plus filter and heater for $30. Bought some sand, driftwood and moved my seeded old blue substrate in to cycle. After 6 days I’m processing 3ppm of Ammonia in 24 hours. Still showing nitrites. Hopefully I’m fully cycled next week and I can remove the Gravel.

I upgraded my lights in my 29 Gallon. I bought the Finnex Ray 2 dual 7,000k. It’s so much brighter that the Marineland 6,000. I should be able to plant high light plants now. Unfortunately no moonlights, but I rarely used them. I ‘ll have a post on the lights in a month after I see how they work. These LEDs 30 in unit was reasonably priced at $100.

===== June 14 =====

Interesting week, my crayfish, Blu, molted for the first time. I thought he might be sick because he wasn’t leaving his hiding spot for about 2 days. I then came home from work to see him on his side. I thought he was dead before I saw him dart out of his shell. The kids were excited.

I’ve been getting some algae growing and was thinking of what I could do to control it since Blu ate all my snails. I came home Friday to see a tiger pleco in a bag floating in the tank. My wife surprised me with the fish. I let he know I would be surprised if he survived the week. As soon as it was lights out I lost him. I turned them back on to find him in the back in Blu’s claw. I disruprted them and he got away. If he survives the week I’ll name him.

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  • Molly Bain: Hope the little guy will make it... :) What kind of fish can survive with blu?

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