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5 day old guppy fry showing color?

my guppy had fry last friday, and i´ve noticed that they´re already getting colors O.o
is that normal?

*there´s 15 of them, and a lot of them have black fin tips, some are still transparent and one single guppy is getting a pretty dark bluish color
again, yes they are 5 days old! about a centimeter long.
none of them have died except for the one that the mother ate before i managed to get her to a separate tank.
if it helps, i´ve been feeding them a little bit of egg yolk and powdered fish food (wardley´s tropical slow sinking crumbles + fish flakes + a couple of piranha pellets)

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The ones that are getting their colour are most probably males..

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Fry color has a lot to do with the parents colors. If you have two lighter color parents they may not show color at all for a couple of months. Most of my guppies go from a gray/transparent to a darker color (black or dark blue) and then lighten up to their more brilliant adult color. Because both parents are vivid colored fish.

So i guess that is the long way of saying yes that is normal.

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No, its normal! My guppy fry are 5 days old too, and one has black spots on her tail already! I have 2 guppy fry. Don't worry, Its a good thing! Just keep doing what your doing, and they will soon grow to be very pretty guppies.

~ Nazira03

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One of my guppy fry came out BRIGHT YELLOW. I mean like electric yellow! They're so hard to get a picture of them. Since he is so bright now I am really hoping he makes it - he should be stunning by adult!

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