A Miniature river at home

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is it possible to make a thiny river at home for keeping some species just to feel more natural ?ever tried?thanks.

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If you have the resources and time, you can create almost any aquatic environment you want. One of the aquarium shops here in Phoenix has a small river environment with goldfish, and lots of outdoor ponds have streams. Biotype aquariums are also part of the hobby. In those, people try to create an environment that closely matches a specie's native environment.

All those things can be fun, and each aquarium fish needs correct water parameters. However, nearly all of the fish sold to the aquarium hobby have been kept for many generations in an aquarium environment or raised on a fish farm. Many of then have little resemblance to their native species. Most are well adapted to aquarium life.

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Peter (aquaman)

Hi, My 6 ft tropical aquarium has been set up to imitate a tropical slow moving river and lake system.

First if you lower the return filter spray bar to three inches below the surface and angle it towards the surface, just like a river system it will cause a rippling high oxygenating surface current.

The water intake for the filter should be placed at the opposite end of the aquarium. If it is well below the surface the suction will cause a flow along and in the lower area of the aquarium.

If you have real or plastic plants look carefully at the leaves, there should be slight movement on each leaf. At the return end spray bar supply where the pipe goes over the edge of the aquarium you can insert a couple of fittings with plastic taps.

One pipe can go to a small container filled with river rocks. This water will overflow from the container into the aquarium just like a mini waterfall from a mountain stream.

The other pipe you can suspend over the aquarium with several rain drippers inserted in it. So at the turn of a tap you can make it rain on your river aquarium.

Your filter pump will have to be large enough to supply water to the spray bar and these other applications, Rock box and rain machine. Or you can simply use a small underwater power head to run the two applications.

Years ago I designed an aquarium river system at the request of a friend. He had a tank inside a cupboard slightly higher than the level of his main aquarium.

Then a glass trough 20 ft long connecting the cupboard tank to his large aquarium. We fitted glass steps aver couple of foot along the glass trough. It was opened topped and had river gravel and small plants in some of the sections. Some of the sections just had river gravel and others small river stones.

He fitted several small skylights over and along the 20 ft long trough. This gave it some natural illumination and also moonlight on clear nights.

The main reason he told me he wanted something completely different that would be pleasing to the eye, have the sound of a running stream and fill his home with healthy negative ions, just like we get from a thunderstorm.

Because the trough entered his main aquarium at surface level extending 4 inches below the surface, once the fish got used to it they would swim upriver and down. A couple in the early stages did jump out of the trough so we made up removable covers from wooden frames covered in fly screen mesh.

He never had to do water changes on the system, only top ups to replace lost water from evaporation.



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