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This blog is written based on my personal experiences and should not be taken for fact, every fish is different. Research is very important when deciding what to feed your fish, so read up on the benefits and preparation of any foods you decide to feed your goldfish.

Most keepers of healthy goldfish know that along with pellets and other commercial foods, its a good idea to have something for your goldfish to browse on.

The benefits of peas are widely known to fish keepers as a laxative and are commonly used to help fish prone to constipation and swim bladder problems. In my personal opinion its a great idea to feed defrosted shelled pea’s weekly or every few days as part of a varied diet and to help aid digestion.

Broccoli is loved by most goldfish, it is however very messy and tends to foul the water quite quickly. broccoli should be cooked until soft enough for the goldfish to pick at, but not so soft it falls apart immediatly.

Courgettes (zucchini) are another popular choice, I have found mine won’t touch it unless its very well cooked, and then it makes a huge mess in the tank! Alot of goldfish absolutly love courgettes so its a good one to try.

asparagus tips are also another favourite-lightly cooked

spinach, kale, and cucumber are also great for your fishy friends.

Goldfish Are also great lovers of algae, and will spend time picking it off aquarium plants and decor. They really appreciate an algea wafer as a treat once in a while.

My personal favourite to use are sprouts, the goldfish love them, and they create little to no mess and are very easy for the goldfish to rip layers off one at a time. I cook the sprouts until soft and then weight them down. It will sink, and its quite amusing to watch the goldies pushing it around like a football trying to eat it, but its much easier for them if its weighted down to keep it still.

There are several fruits your goldfish will enjoy, (although in moderation and none that have been tinned in sugar or syrup) oranges, bananas and grapes are a few you can try.

Remember goldfish are omnivores and also enjoy a variety of frozen and meaty foods such as daphnia, brine shrimp, and bloodworms and many more. They will also accept and enjoy live food. I wouldn’t suggest feeding frozen foods like bloodworms daily, but in conjunction with a varied diet. My goldfish love prawns and get them once a week. I treat them the same as peas, lightly cooked and squashed into little prices and fed one at a time to prevent the greedy things trying to swallow a whole prawn-which they will gladly do!

These are a few vegetables and fruits you can feed your goldfish, along with a good quality sinking pellet as the vegetables are not to be used instead of Their regular pellet or flake meals.

Its important to remove uneaten food before it starts to rot, its often recommended to remove food after 24 hours, but after 12 hours I normally replace uneaten food with a fresh piece

Remember, goldfish don’t have true stomachs so are always hungry and are very easy to over feed with all their begging! A few small meals spread out throughout the day to prevent bloat and over feeding will be beneficial to your goldfish.

*my words are not to be taken as fact these are my personal findings that I thought would be useful for people to start off their own research and ideas for a feeding routine.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • johnarthur: Thank you for that well organized blog. Personal experience forms the basis for good advice.
  • bubbles123: That was really informative, thank you for the info.
  • Josie*paolillo: Glad you found it useful bubbles :) your right @Johnarthur, and thank you :)
  • Greta1981: Awesome blog, Josie! Can I ask what you do with the algae wafers? I have Hikari algae wafers for my snail. Do I presoak the wafers until they’re soft before feeding? Is one wafer split in half too much for two fish? Do you use a specific brand or brine shrimp or bloodworms? I’m a nervous Nellie when it comes to my fish. :) Thanks for your advice in advance.
  • Josie*paolillo: I just drop the whole wafer in and they pick at it for a while until it gradually starts to disintegrate and they are able to eat it more easily. If you pre soak it for too long, it goes soggy and would make a big mess when you add it to the tank. I would be a little worried about one split in half just incase it gets stuck if they try to swallow it whole before it softens- I’m also a nervous Nellie :) if your fish are smaller (mine are big enough to swallow half a wafer, or at least try to) it might be a good idea to drop a whole one in and then remove it after they have had a good peck at it.
    I use a few different brands of frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms, I buy them off amazon you can get some really good deals, three packs of different varieties for £10 I think is the price but they last a long time so is worth it! Hope this is helpful :)
  • Greta1981: Very helpful, thank you. :) Do you ever feed your fish kale? I have a mixed salad blend with spinach, kale, and beetroot something or other, I think. I’d like to give the goldies a piece, but am not sure I can identify one veggie from the next ... :/
  • Josie*paolillo: They would love any one of those, most leafy green vegetables will be ok :) mine don’t really like spinach or kale, I’ve tried lettuce as well, tried it blanched or raw and they just don’t like it, mine are picky though ( as picky as goldfish can get!) yours will probably love it!
  • Cynthia_085: Yup they love the zucchini, but I find myself doing a water change to get all the floating things out. lol
    Mine personal love broccoli they only eat the leaf/green part of the tree. Its interesting leaving it in there and then taking out only the stem. :3 Thanks for the Post very informative. i feed them pumpkin as a treat; I did not know about fruits. I have to try some :)
  • Josie*paolillo: Mine love broccoli aswell I Normally only give it when I know I’m going to be doing a water change and then still stand there netting all the pieces out lol. It is funny to see it all gone to the stem, mine look like pirahnas when I first up it in!
  • Josie*paolillo: *put
  • Bonnie: Great info. I love Goldfish, unfortunately I don’t have room for a large enough tank.
  • Lithia: I love the way you express yourself. Very ‘reader friendly’
    I’ve had a question for days and haven’t gotten around to trying to find the answer on the internet but I think you’d know and I trust your word... particularly since the information that confused me came from someone trying to sell me something. :) you know how THAT goes.
    Are Shubunkin Scale-less? One web site was trying to sell some grossly expensive Shubunkins and was saying that they were best in an indoor pond because they had no scales, and to order, you merely had to pay $24/each for 3 to 4 inch fish. (I got my lone shubunkin for $1, he was sold to me as a fantail, but clearly has a normal common tail)
  • Josie*paolillo: Were they the single tailed shubunkins? From my understanding (its very confusing!) shubunkins have scales called nacreous scales, a mix of metallic and transparent scales. You can get good quality shubunkins, and bad quality, for very well bred shubunkins you would expect to pay a lot more, for example my shubunkin was just cheap from the pet shop, and doesn’t have much blue colouration. The more blue colouration the better. When I look closely at my subunkin, its very smooth with just a few metallic scales, a good quality shubunkin should have few or no metallic scales. This is all I know, I get lost after that. I did read quite a bit about it as my shub was changing colours a bit and was researching, its all very confusing, the best person to ask for a clearer explanation would be Jlk, you could send her a personal message, she will be able to explain it much better than I can!
  • Lithia: Thanks Josie, I appreciate it. I’ve found info on the net, but it ranges from "for simpletons, a guide on how to love your goldfish-in-a-bowl to death"... to "Average person who cares about fish more than fish-scales" to the super-complex, "I have Attila-the-hun-fancy-japanese-named-super-fish" The Shubunkins I saw for sale in the one sight looked no more nor less fancy than my one guy, and the one in your photo here. I wonder why more shubunkins don’t have the long comet tail though, for that I love my little calico fantail. :) Thanks again for everything.
  • FreddyFish: I feed small traces of chicken, lamb and veil of my own plate, sparsely, to my Goldfish. I carefully select a tiny piece of tender, pure, unspiced meat and chop it with a baby meat-scissor - an instrument I retained from my babies (the human ones). If small enough, they love it. I tend to feed mashed peas soon after.
    They also love squash, which was not mentioned above.
  • FreddyFish: Is that a regular fork you use to weigh down the sprout in the picture? Simple and good idea.
  • Josie*paolillo: "Land meat " is ok in small doses but not easily digestible, and some say not digestible at all for fish. My fish love prawns, mussels, and sprats if you want to give them a treat :)
    Yes its a fork, I use a teaspoon now most of the time or plant weights, if I use a fork I make sure I remove it before everything is eaten just incase anyone gets harpooned! Which isn’t likely and they aren’t that sharp but it would do damage if someone was shoved into it.
    Seaweed clips are good too, keep meaning to buy some
  • FreddyFish: Thanks for your feedback. Indeed "land" meat doesn’t sound very natural for GF. It’s been very occasional, like once every other month, and I observed if anything went wrong with their bowels soon after.
    My LFSs do not seem to hold proper algae / food clips.
  • FreddyFish: One comment/question. I read in several places that home-made GF food includes beef heart, grounded and mixed up, sparingly.
    It’s from there that I picked up the idea that "land" meat could be good, so I tested my GF’s appetite and wellbeing with positive results. Is heart good? Surely it contains less fiber and is ver different meat to sirloin, .... but in Argentina we are very chauvinistic about the quality and goodness of our beef. :-)
    In any case I’ve fed meat not more than once every 2 - 3 months.
  • Goldfish Luver: Thanks for the great info! I feed my goldfish peas every so often and it helps well. What type of sprouts do you mean?
  • mary: Hi, thanks for the help on goldfish and vegetables. I didn’t know I had to cook them first....oops
    Will try the sprouts it sounds fun for them and for us to watch.
  • Mary T.: Thank you for your helpful information. I have had my goldfish( Starvin Marvin) for 11 years now. When I agreed to take him from my daughter in law, I had no idea that he would become such a beloved family member. He has always been healthy and easy to care for. I have always fed him floating pellets. I never knew there was such a variety of veggies he could have. He seems to be having trouble swimming to the bottom of the tank. He goes half way down and quickly floats to the top. I am going to let him fast a few days and then get him some peas. I sure hope this helps him. It’s going to kill me not to be able to feed him. He is quite the beggar. When he wants food, he will swim on top of water making clicking noises, and swims to follow me around the aquarium. Thank you again for your helpful information. Starvin Marvin’s mommy

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