Adding New Children (fish That Is)

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I love watching our fishes! As a mom I like a clean place to live in. I like not having to be cleaning constantly, but when it is necessary, like when we are planning to have company over. As a fish mom cleaning the tank is a necessary “evil”...I will do it, don’t get me wrong, i just would rather not. So with that thought in mind I heard about sucker fish aka plecos. I wanted to get one for our 10 gallon tank (this was before the 30 gallon). So I went and got us Eureka, our first pleco. I did not do enough research and after a couple of weeks he died. :( I made the mistake of cleaning off the sides of the tank before i got him and did not get algae tablet in time to feed him. Lesson learned as I again bought two plecos for our two tanks! Named Vac (10) and Suckers (30). Things were going well for a month then noticed Vac was stuck between the thermometer and the corner of the tank. Lost another fish. Live and learn. Suckers is doing well. He has his favorite hiding /resting spot now and seems to be happy. I am currently building up algae in the 10 gal tank again and will get another algae eater.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • fish_lover_10: What type of plec’s are they???:)
  • mommomkris: the common one, I do believe, and yeah I know they aren’t compatilble with goldfish but that is all that I could find at the moment.
  • fish_lover_10: A com plec will get 2 feet long so you might want to rehome him

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