African Cichlids and live plants?

Just want some new scenery for the tank.. I know most africans cant have alot of the live plants cause they chew them up. But i was wondering if there are any plants that would work? What kinds and how do i keep them growing and healthy.

I've never had live plants before but i want them!

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The only plants I have ever seen in a cichlid tank are anubias. They are very hardy, don't require fancy lights or ferts and are slow growing. They need to be anchored to rock or dw with their rhizomes exposed. Give them a try but no guarantees!

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There are lots of plants they won't chew up such as anubias, java ferns, Val, and many others a quick Google search could provide you with a more complete list. The biggest problem is that cichlids are notorious diggers. Not all, but most species do a lot of digging and will uproot your plants. Java fern and anubias help you avoid some of this because you attach both species to your hardscape. Aquarists have found solutions for other plant species such anchors and pots...again, a Google search could probably reveal some other solutions to uprooting. I've always kept cichlids and plants, it's quite possible and makes for a healthier tank.

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Thank you both for the replies. I think im going to try to get a few in there.

My biggest question about it is do i have to put chemicals into the water for the plants? and how do i know if my light will work

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Luckily the two staples of planted cichlid tanks (anubias and java fern) are also low light plants that do well without ferts or co2, that's not to say they wouldn't appreciate them... but they'll do fine without them. The Val that I suggested is also very hardy, but in my experience it requires a little more light and nutrients then the other two.

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