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I am trying to decide on what type of air stone to use. I am considering the Elite Bubble Disc's. I have a 45 gal. 24 x 24 x 18 tank and was curious how many of these disc's I can use. They come in 3", 4", and 4 3/4" sizes.

Will the bubbles bother the fish being out in the tank versus a bubble wall device at the back?

Can they go under the gravel or does the "stone" part have to stay exposed?

Would it be okay to place one in each corner of the tank and then maybe one in the center?

Will they affect the heat distribution from the heater? If so, cooler or warmer?

Any other advice on bubble stones?

Thank You,

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I'm not sure about that particular air stone. But you can put air stones under the gravel as long as the bubbles can be formed. Air bubbles need to circulate in the water. They won't really affect the temp of the tank though. Just make sure your fish can handle the bubbles of you put multiple stones in there.

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The way I have my airstones set in my 60 is having 2 air stones suctioned to the back wall of the aquarium about 3-4 inches up from the substrate. One is under the overflow of the filter and the other is on the other side of the aquarium. Both of those I keep on constant. I also have a bubbler set to go off every 15 seconds. In my 10 gallon I have one airdrome suctioned to the back wall of the aquarium about 2 inches above the substrate under the overflow. I heard somewhere that there should be an airstone set near the overflow so that the oxygen can circulate in the aquarium easily.

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Air stones usually are not necessary, but I love having them in my tanks.

I have an LED air wand, as well as a single bubbler in a volcano ornament.

I would imagine that you could have as many bubbles as you wanted, depending on your fish. Fish that enjoy a strong current would probably like the bubbles more than fish that prefer slow currents.

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