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I have not been able to get my betta's water to 0 ammonia -- it stays at 0.25.

I just tested my tap water and I am getting a 0.25-0.5 reading. I should add I tested it AFTER putting in the conditioner. What do I do now? i have been battling the ammonia with water changes and substrate cleaning but if what I am putting in already have ammonia then what?

I want him out of his bowl but his tank is still cycling -- no to low ammonia, high nitrites and nitrates...

Should I go buy some betta water? Willing to spend the money... Dilute the tank water with britta water?

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It's not unusual to get a reading for ammonia in tap water. That's because municipal water systems disinfect with chlorine and chloramine. The chloramine is a compound of chlorine and ammonium, which does not evaporate in long supply lines.

Ammonium is not as reactive or harmful as ammonia, but it often gives a positive reading on tests. Some test kits in fact state they measure both compounds. If the aquarium has a working nitrogen cycle, an aquarium water test should indicate zero ammonia and nitrite and a nitrate level below 40 ppm.

If you are thoroughly cleaning the substrate, you may be removing some of the beneficial bacteria associated with the nitrogen cycle. Try to remove only surface debris.

If the nitrogen cycle has been compromised, change about 20 or 25 percent of the aquarium water every two or three days until toxic nitrogen compounds remain at acceptable levels. Some tap water conditioners like Stress Coat Plus will temporarily neutralize toxic nitrogen compounds.

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Johnarthur -- thanks for your reply. i have two things going on --

0.25 ammonia and 0.25 nitrite (no nitrates)in a betta bowl which is where the betta is and whose substrate I have been cleaning and changing water. I can't see that the bowl will cycle so I have been cleaning 1/4 of his bowl substrate at a time...

It is his bowl that I am worried about. The treated (conditioned) water before it goes in is testing at 0.25 ammonia. Is there something I can put in it to block the ammonia? Is it okay to change 25% of his water every other day to keep the levels down?

And a 10 gallon tank with 5 nitrites, 20 nitrates and 0-0.25 ammonia -- which I am fishless cycling (4 weeks now) for him and impatient and anxious. I thought with a fishless cycle I did not need to changethe water or clean the substrate? though the nittrite/nitrate levels got so high (was off teh charts in nitrites and 60 in nitrates before I changed teh water) I did change 25% two days ago.

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I have two fish tanks one is a gallon and a half with one guppy . He ,I lost two previous guppies I got from petco one day after the other because they did not tell you of course how to maintain the fish . I got this other guppy from petsmart and for ten days he is doing great .today he is hiding behind the pump he is usually is swimming around .

I feed him once daily I give some flakes that he can consume in two minutes. I test daily for everything and the only thing a bit off is ammonia has been off since day one alway's says 2.0 ,nitrites says 0.25 . temp is 78 . I feed once daily and fast him every sunday.
what could be wrong with him ??

Now I bought a 20 gallon tank two weeks ago and doing the fishless cycle before I bring my guppies home ,I know it takes 4-6 weeks but the ammonia reading say's almost 2.0 and the nitrates is zero .

I have added a bottle of the tectra bacteria and put a few times some fish flakes in . The ammonia has stayed at that reading for the whole two weeks ,is my tank stalling ? what else can I do ? I did a few water changes 30 percent as well and still the same
I tested my tap water and it reads no nitrites and 2.0 ammonia as well .

I also put conditioner in with every water change .
I added ammo lock to the small fish tank with one guppy this morning do you think he will be okay ,should there be anything else I should add to both tanks to help the process?/
I know I am supposed to bring the ammonia up to 4-5 ppms then back down 1.0 but how many times do you do this ? desperately need help I feel like I am going in circles and trying to do the best . thankyou PS Alos I put about 5 drops of ammo lock in since it is such a small tank is this enough ?

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