Ammonia level stays 0.25

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Help! My ammonia levels were down to 0 after my cylcle. Since I have slowley added some fish. My ammonia level never dropped down to zero. I havent added anymore fish. It just stays 0.25. I change water about 2 times a week doesnt make a difference?????

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Hi Kristen, thanks for visiting our forum. How big is the tank and what's the current stocking of it? Do you have the readings for nitrite and nitrate as well? Any major filter and/or gravel cleaning recently that you've done? Any uneaten food leftovers or dead snail/critter for example or dead or rotting plant that you might have overlooked?

It looks that when you added to the bioload the bacteria are not increasing their population to the level good enough to deal with ammonia. Do you have a good filter flow and aeration of the water? How much water do you change at your pwc?

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I learned this the hard way. Check the tap water! If you are doing changes and it never goes down, I would suspect it. If so, use dechlorinator that says it deals with ammonia. Your filtration will handle it and it won't kill your fish because it is temporarily converted to a non-toxic form.

If there is no ammonia in the tap water, you have biological filtration issues.

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Interesting that the tap water would have ammonia. If it is from a city water source I would contact them about it. I believe the acceptable level for tap water is also 0. I think fertilizers can contaminate the water supply and give hight nitrate readings, but I wonder what caused the ammonia. I would check the water source as suggested, but I am leaning toward the first reply of it being too many fish too soon.

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Most tap water has both chlorine and chloramine. I read that chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia or ammonium give or take a few hydrogen atoms. Of course, most water conditioners take care of chloramine, but it may require a little time and the help of the nitrogen cycle.

A few months ago, I sent an email to API to find out about Stress Coat and its workings but got no answer. Maybe I'll try again.

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