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Well ive posted up a few days ago about i had ammonia & nitrate high now all three is high i guess that tells me my.cycle hav complete rite ? Guys just need more info for wat shud i do da ammonia , nitrate & nitrite is after da zero on da master kit its not to high but need a little info how big of a wc shud i do 25 or 50 percent wc

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Well i did a 50pwc today but ammonia & nitrate is still alittle after 0 on da master kit but nitrite is on zero after a hour ima do 25pwc u think thats good tojust lower ammonia nnitrate to 0

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If the nitrogen cycle is working, ammonia and nitrite will stay at zero, and nitrate will be below 40 ppm. A 25 percent water change every week will maintain this biological balance if you avoid over crowding and over feeding. Try to feed no more than the fish eat in a couple of minutes.

You may also want to read a bit more about the nitrogen cycle:


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