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I was told at my local fish store that Angelfish and Neon tetra would be okay together. I was just looking for a second opinion. I was not sure because I was looking around and found people saying when they are both adults there could be problems. Is there any problem or am I okay and I don't have to worry.
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The angelfish will be fine with the neon tetras when young but when they are older they will eat the neon tetras.

Angelfish are semi-aggressive tropical fish.
Neon tetras are tropical fish.

Those are two different communities.

It is best not to put them together.

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I have about 20 neons and cardinal tetras with 5 very large angle fish. the angle fish do hassle each other but leave all other fish alone. I do feed then well but do not take any notice of the neons. Actually the neon are not impressed by the angles either as they 'steal' their food when I feed them.

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hi joey i all so had neons in with mixed aged angels and never had any problems with neons going missing

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Angelfish usually develop aggressive personalities as they mature, and they will eat smaller fish like neons and cardinals. Perhaps when the species are kept together for a long time starting when the angelfish are small juveniles, it will not immediately occur to the angelfish that the tetras are a food source.

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They will get eaten quickly.

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