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I have a 100g angel tank with many different kinds. I had 3 adults; 2 female and 1 male. Black beauty laid eggs first and king and queen (who are paired with each other) ate her eggs. 2 days later they spawned and I now have many angelfish wigglers with some beginning to swim (in a separate 10g tank). I noticed black beauty was looking a little depressed and keeping to herself for a few days and her belly began to bulge as if she was going to lay more eggs and her spawning tube came down and remained that way for a few days. Tonight I came home to her on the bottom of the tank and she passed =( I was so sad. After removing her I have been watching my tank closely and noticed queen looks as if she is floating backwards and darting forward and just can't seem to stay still. Some minor twitching movements also occasionally. Water parameters are ammonia 0.0 nitrite 0.0 nitrate 20-40 and ph 7.6. Water temp 79.8. If you have any information for me I would really appreciate it. I really don't want to loose any other fish. They are my babies. Also she doesn't have any visual problems
Please help. Anything will be greatly appreciated
Thank you,
Heather P

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