Angelfish fry not swimming

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My angelfish eggs were laid friday the 6th, became wigglers on sunday the 8th. Some were free swimming friday the 13th and some more on saturday. There are a lot just laying on the bottom (upright) and I fed them saturday bbs. About half are swimming just off the bottom, the rest are on their bellies. They are eating the bbs, the bellies get orange and round but they continue to stay on or near the bottom. Water temp is 80, 50% change daily with aged water. Will these little buggers swim? My first try at this after watching my pair eat the 1st 3 batches of eggs.

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angel fish is shy by its normal . and difficult to relief in a place but after some time ... avoid putting salt in the water cause angel is sensitive to salt and also to water changes so i recommend to you not to change a lot of water in one time but make it gradually .. that may be the reason of your fish's uncomfortability

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hi minajaguar my friend welcome to mac this thread is from 7 months ago these usualy arent viewed again by the poster just a suggestion i'm only trying to save you time my friend. have a great new years

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