Baby Guppies Born In Their Sacks

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one of my guppies had babies and lots of them..... the only problum issssss. most of them are still in a round sack. i dont know if they will survive......does anyone know....

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  • johnarthur: They were born prematurely and may not survive if they cannot swim.
  • mango: how can i tell if they r dead in side the sack .. when there still look like they r still alive... their eyes r still black and sliver... when they die don’t there eye’s go grey like all grey.....
  • johnarthur: Yes. In addition, the dead fry start growing a fungus. I hope you get some survivors.
  • Fry Daddy: The usual cause of premature birth in livebearers is stress. Something is stressing the mother causing her to delivery prematurely. Make sure she isn’t getting harrassed by other fish. Also check your water parameters to make sure everything is good. Good luck with the babies!
  • mango: thank you all very much.... she pushed out 8 baby’s that could swim.. then the rest were eggs they hatched and was swimming 4 about 10 minutes then died except one and still swimming right now... i call him broke back... cause this back is bent up ward and look’s like it was broke . will he still survive? or no !. Oh yeah i also have tiger barbs and would like to know what’s with the slimy bubbles at the top of my tank.. and does it mean they fertilized their eggs... and y does the one tiger barb fish sit in a corner wile the rest swim around.... thank you... if im asking to-meny questions and bugging you let me know..... :(
  • johnarthur: Tiger Barbs eat Guppies. The bubbles on the water surface as well as the distressed fish are likely the result of a water quality problem.
  • mango: my guppies r in a different tank... the tiger barbs eat the first batch of baby guppies.thats why i got a new tank....... ok i have well water..i don’t have a softener...what do i need to change the water type. thanks cool guy
  • johnarthur: You can gradually soften aquarium water by adding driftwood, Indian almond leaf (Catappa) or peat pellets. All of them will slightly stain the water, but the stain goes away with a few partial water changes. Another method is to use distilled or reverse osmosis water for some of the partial water changes. Some minerals are useful in stabilising pH, so don’t use RO or distilled water for all of the partial water changes.

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