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I’ve seen a few posts about backgrounds, and have shared and replied to some. People seem to love my bamboo curtain that I cut up for my 55. The idea came to me while looking around the house for something, anything I could use.

Goodwill has lots of shower curtains, tablecloths, mats .. never know what you will find there! I wanted to share these photos showing that the bamboo curtain idea can look totally different depending on the direction you run it too. After putting it on the 55 gallon I only had some scraps so I tied them together to make a piece big enough for the 29.

So these two backgrounds are the same curtain but under different lights and running different directions. Lesson learned, try things that might work, you never know how it will look until you do. :)

55 gallon with bamboo background

29 gallon with bamboo background

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Bonnietaylor: I love it, quite creative.
  • fish_lover_10: I have that same piece of fake bogwood in pic #2 !!!
  • YooperFishLover: Neat idea!
  • fish_lover_10: Oh yeah neat idea lol!!
  • momtoangel: Very nice idea. Beautiful tanks!
  • grandma2mike: Really pretty, Laryl!
  • Newfishmom: Awesome! Great idea! Love your tanks! :)
  • Shannon: Beautiful tanks and with your permission I used your idea on my new tank. I love it!!
  • Laryl: Thanks everyone and I’m happy if someone does it too, but I want to see photos of your tanks too! :)
  • Shannon: Here is a link to my blog and scroll to the bottom for current pics
  • johnarthur: Very good use of bamboo! It always looks both aquatic and tropical.
  • Dicey: I personally went to the dollar store and found a cheap bamboo table mat and stuck that behind my 5.5 gal for my betta! :) It gives it a very distinguished look hehe.
  • Laryl: WTG Dicey! and Shannon, loved reading your blog on setting up and then seeing the bamboo at the end!
  • Shannon: @Laryl: Looks like you may have started a trend with your AWESOME idea:) I’m thinking of cutting out a piece of what I have left for my 20g QT/fry tank!! Oh, and thank you for reading my blog!!
  • Grzesiu: wow, I love it :)
    was thinking paining my back black as most say black brings up the colour in the fish but after what I have seen here, what you have done, I think I am off for a search and hopefully I will find it. Thanks for sharing this great idea.
    I was just thinking if bamboo will be safe to put in the water and put some moss on it to grow :)
  • Laryl: I wouldn’t advise putting it in the water. I’m sure it’s been treated with chemicals and those would leach into the water. I would look cool though. Silly fish might get stuck behind it too, you know how curious they are. :)
  • Shannon: I have to agree with Laryl about not putting it in the water. Mine was shipped and had a annoying odor so had to let it air out before using. I’m guessing some sort of treatment used on it.
    If you want to attach moss to something, alot of people use plastic mats from the craft/hobby stores. It comes in squares, different colors, & shapes. It the stuff with small to large squares and I think it’s used for some sort of yarn craft. You can do an internet search for "how to make a moss wall" and should find some ideas to use.
  • deb: i have a silly question. new to aquariums. i love your bamboo idea. how did you attatch the bamboo to the back of the aquarium? thanks!
  • Laryl: That’s not a silly question and it’s not always easy. I’ve done these bamboo backgrounds on several tanks now but luckily I’ve had enough of the stand sticking out in the back, that I cut the height tall enough so the bamboo can just sit on the base/stand. Whatever the tank sits on. One of the backgrounds was stiff enough that it would just stand. Another one was more flexible and I did just put a couple pieces of tape at the corners. The filters and things pretty much keep it in place otherwise.
    If you had to secure it to the tank and the above wouldn’t work, I would just attach velcro to the trim of the tank and the bamboo. :)

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