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In 2012 around June our town had it’s annual celebration and there was a WIN a fish game that my one son wanted to play so I let him. Two of his wiffle balls ended up in colored rim goblets indicting that he had won 2 fish. The guy asked me if I wanted the fish now or later I said now, not thinking. Boy was I surprised when I saw him getting two live goldfish from the cooler and giving them to my son! He was very happy and so was I. I have always liked fish but never thought I would become a fish mom. The next day my oldest son (his brother was the one who won the first two fish) wanted to try to win some fish and he won 5 more. my first son won one more. Needless to say I used ice cream buckets to house them.

Having no knowledge of how to take care of fish and having no tank, our new pets started to die untill we had the two original goldfish. We named them Skittles and Goldie after I got us a 10 gal. tank. I did regular water changes and feed them tretramin grandulars and betta pellet. I even mixed up a gel mixture of special fish food whigh I fed twice a week. About 3-4 month dead fish...I noticed that Skittles was getting bigger. After that he got bigger and bigger while Goldie grew but not as fast and as big. About April of this year, Goldie died. I believed that Skittles had prevented him from eating his share of the food thus the size difference of the two fishes.

When our town celebration came around again, my youngest boy (the one who won the first goldfish) wanted to win another fish. And he did, again. We came home with Pebbles and Goldie 2. Later that same day a young boy who knew my son from VBS asked if we wanted another goldfish that he had won. I said sure so we accquired Finn. Shortly thereafter I bought a 30 gal tank from a friend, knowing that my four fishes in a 10 gal tank would not be a good situation.

Had I known then what I know now about goldfish and how to take care of fish in general, my other 5 fish would have probaably survived and grown. In retrospect the 5 fish that died were quite possibly babies. They had not acquired the gold coloring of older fish cause they were grayish and small. If they hadn’t died it would have been fun to watch them grow and change colors.

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  • BubblesGrma: Like reading this!! thanks
  • grandma2mike: Live and learn, right? I’ve made mistakes too with fish but I’m really learning now!
  • mommomkris: yes that is what life is like, you live and learn. thanks for your comments it is nice to know someone is reading what I write! :)

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