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Latosha Rankin

Can beta fish eat goldfish food? The name of the goldfish food is TetraFin.

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Not sure, but I think your betta may make it quite obvious if he does not like the culinery delight that is goldfish flakes.

You'll know if he/she likes it, it will be enthusiastically eaten. If not you'll get a perfect show of fish snobbery as he turns and ignores it.. or tastes it and goes yuk

sounds crazy? go for it.. but i would recommend you get some proper betta food, and ideally vary his diet rather than keep him on the exact same food on every feed.

the betta will love variety.

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I looked up Tetrafin goldfish flakes and people who tried them for betta fish said that they are large flakes, so they're good for fish with big mouths, which betta's do not have. Plus, they sink very fast, so even when crushing them they sunk fairly quickly. Betta's have an upward turned mouth so they can eat from the surface of the water or while it's floating in the water. They are not bottom feeders.

The Tetra fin seems to be higher in protein, which is good for a betta since they are carnivorous, BUT if they can't or won't eat it, then it doesn't do them any good.

I would buy a fish food that is specifically forumlated for betta. Not all fish are the same, and if you decided to get a betta, you should do what you can to make sure he/she is getting the best possible environment and food.

Also, I can't agree more with Jase as to variety. Give your betta some frozen brine shrimp or blood worms if you can. They love it and it's great for them.

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I tried TetraFin pellets with my betta and he ate it with great enthusiasm

So you could try for the pellets as mine too didn't touch the flakes like others said above

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