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So in this blog you will find some more infomation on betta fish! Enjoy..

Do you ever look in your tank and it looks so empty with one little betta? It doesn’t have to be this way.... Bettas can have tankmates, like a snail, or maybe a cory catifsh that is if you have a big enough tank to house cory cats. They grow pretty big. Bettas also seem to get along with little neon tetras, who are fast enough to get away from the betta if needed. But, as for bettas with bettas that is not possible.... unless you get all females in a roomy tank with lots of hiding spots so they can get away from eachother... :)

Photo by me, those are my three female bettas.

“Betta fish can live in a bowl” Um, no this is not true. Bettas need a heater and a filter, like any other tropical fish. Yes, they can live in a bowl but healthy and happily? No. They lay at the top like they’re dead because they are not happy or healthy. Would you like to be in a freeze could baren room where it’s hard to breath? No, i think not lol. Below is a propper tank with a filter and heater.

My betta tank again.. hehe :)

“Betta fish can ONLY eat their own food! Not flake food!” Again this is a lie. Bettas are carnivoes { or however you spell it } they can eat other flake food.. But will they like it is a mystery... All fish differ, mine do eat tropical flake food and they would eat anything else. Weird, eh?

This is a picture of the food i feed my bettas and fish.

“Bettas can’t have hard objects in their tanks.” Where do theses people get this from? Yes, bettas do have scensitive scales but they can have any object in their tank just like any other fish! :)

E.G of a decor that is betta approved. Picture by me.

Other info. Bettas are wonderful fish that have a one of a kind personallity... Oh yeah, i remmeber when i decorate their tank, they come up and look at my head and they check out my hand. They also got attached to my pirate ship decor. They wouldn’t let me take it out. So cute and curious... I just love them..

That is about it for now... Any request? Message me or commeant to my next blog post. Thanks,


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  • johnarthur: Interesting and useful facts!
  • Luvn Bubbles: If by hard objects you mean plastic plants you are wrong. Plastic plants will snag and tear a bettas fins.
  • CowgirlKasey: Thanks JohnArthur, and no Luvn Buddles i mean, someone i know what like fish decor not plastic plants like a rock.
  • amneris3: If that aquarium is a gallon and a half, it isn’t any more suitable for a betta than a bowl, let alone for 3 bettas. 3 bettas should be in a 10g minimum.

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