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Now my betta's tail problem seems a little better, he can move it and the white section is growing smaller. Another issue that could possibly be of concern is that every time he tries to swim to the bottom of the tank to hide/sleep, he floats right back up to the top. Is this something that I should be concerned about or is this likely to have something to do with his tail? Thank YOU!

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Sounds like a swim bladder problem. How much is he fed, what, and how often? What about the water change schedule?

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Hi Mary and welcome to the forum,

Kristin is right - looks like swim bladder problem - it either causes fish to float or to stay at the bottom and they cant reach the water surface. So my advice is watch him carefully - bettas breathe atmospheric air (organ called labyrinth) so if they do not have access to water surface they will suffocate - I know now he has problems with reaching the bottom of the tank - but if it is swim bladder problem - needs to be monitored. You may want to put a biggish leaf/plant with big leaves somewhere to the water surface - so he can rest there and have easier access to atmospheric air.

bettas are known to be prone to swim bladder problems - and there are several common issues why swim bladder is affected
1. poor water quality - while he is unwell - do regular I would even say daily 20% water changes (and of course try to monitor closely you ammonia, nitrite (both should be at zero) and nitrates (20-30 ppm not more)
2 dry food - many of us feed Hikari Gold betta pellets but not dry always pre-soaked in aquarium water to soften them. dry food like flakes expands in the stomach and causes constipation and also the swim bladder to get squashed

But for now I would not feed him for few days or try to feed him boiled de-shelled green pea (betta size bits), pea works as laxative.

and keep us posted - sounds like he is not very ill but still requires to be observed and all the precautions taken.

hope it helps

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Feed him boiled de shelled pea as kasia said.
Dont feed regular food until it looks 100% cured.
Do a 12-20 water change daily and try not to over feed. If you overfeed, please do siphon the extra food immediately.
Keep us posted the status of you betta.

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