This is usually common. Bettas refusing to eat (fish flake) food if: 1. They have been exposed to other food (e.g. Brine Shrimp, Blood Worms, White Worms, Tubifex Worms, Earthworms etc.) 2. They have an illness (e.g. Fin Rot, Ich, Cotton Mouth etc.) 3. Their under stress (e.g. being harassed, in a breed box etc.) If these symptoms are familiar to you and your betta(s) have them, read on. The first “cure” to picky eaters is nothing. That is because that once they are exposed to a more flavorful food (let’s say Brine Shrimp) they usually will refuse to flake food or pellets. I suggest that you start feeding them a more balanced meal. All the above listed are mostly healthy. Just try not to feed them the same thing on a regular basis. This is only IF your betta refuses to eat flake food. The second “cure” is getting medication. (For Fin Rot, treat immediately as this causes fin damage) There are tons of medications out there to help your fish. Make sure this is the RIGHT one because the wrong one could possibly kill your betta. (And also don’t just do it for fun) The third “cure” is seperate your female (if she is breeding or in a breeder box) If not breeding then it is caused by an illness. (List up above) Otherwise, give your female another tank so she will not be harassed to release her eggs. Hope I have helped you. Maybe you’ll even know more about your fish then you did before! -Guppy InfoGirl
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