Blue-Green Algae Carpeting gravel and walls!

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I went on 10-day trip, leaving my mom in charge of feeding my fish. I came home yesterday to a "missing" platy and a tank FILLED with what looks to me like Cyanobacteria.
I found the platy, Persephone, dead floating (not sure how mom missed her, she was the only fish) - although there were 4 babies so I am now dealing with that issue as well!

Last night I scraped the walls, picked out as much of the algae as I could with my hands, then I siphoned as much as I could without changing too much water at once. I then used my net to scoop some out as it was floating around after I refilled the tank.

Today, there was still a lot left from being stuck to the gravel and resettling down so I again, used the siphon and netted some out. I did this TWICE! Both times I had a ton of algae removed.

I took out the caves/decorations to clean them, but I am not adding them back right away. They are currently in a dark dry cabinet to avoid putting the stuff back into the water. I added a pvc-pipe cave and some fake plants though to make up for it.

I put my lights on a timer in hopes to avoid this issue, knowing I shouldn't rely solely on my mom. I have them on 7am - 11am, 5pm-9pm which is A LOT less than I normally do since I had been manually turning them on at 6am and off at 10pm.

My tank has 6 young java ferns along with the "mother" fern which has an additional young fern still attached, and I have been using Seachem Flourish.
I decided not to add anymore when I added the new water.

Should I continue daily water changes, or can this cause any issues with my water parameters?
I'm not really sure what else to do.

My pleco's driftwood has it also, but I am not sure how to go about removing it from the surface - can I boil it?

Also, could I have introduced this junk with a batch of Java Moss? It's come out of nowhere, and is in both of my tanks - which both had my java moss

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I had a tank with blue-green algae earlier this summer. Every time I cleaned it out, the "algae" would come back. I decided the safest way to get rid of it was to break down the tank, which was a 20 gallon tropical with only 7 fish.

I transferred the fish to another tank for two days while I tore apart the old tank and cleaned it with a bleach solution (I googled the proper method), I then ran the tank with extra water conditioner to remove the chlorine, and after I knew it was clean and safe I set the tank up and slowly added the fish.

I had to cycle the tank again, this was easy with lots of partial water changes and lots of testing the water parameters. Two months later and the blue-green algae is still gone.

I know there are other methods to get rid of the algae, but this worked for me. I know you mentioned you have plants, my tank only had fake plants, so I have no advice to give you on that front.

Good luck!

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Oh my! I was hoping for an easier answer! Hah, I guess if it comes down to it, I can put my pleco back with my betta and the nursery can just take up space with them in their 10 gallon.

I would rather not have to start over though!!

But i'm glad you were able to solve the issue.

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You could try and algae rid solution
I can find it at my LFS but is hard to find
Try an algae solution of any type though

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I am experiencing a blue-green algae bloom too. My tank is 55gallons. I have live plants. I do regular water changes and my water tests are all good. I think my problem is lighting. I was using an actinic blue light because I love the color at night but I have learned the actinic causes algae. I switched to a red spectrum light with my plant grow light 65/67k spectrum. That's when the the algae bloomed. I have had my aquarium for a year and i still can't seem to get the correct balance of light for the plants without algae. The algae is horrible. It looks like cobwebs all over the plants.


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