Brown fuzzy algae?

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Hey old friends! Been ALONG time since I was last on here!! Anyways... I was away from home for a few weeks and had a neighbor coming over to feed the fish. I specifically showed them how much to feed at a time and said DO NOT OVERFEED! One fish died =( and now my tank has a major outbreak of brown fuzzy stuff growing ALL OVER! My neighbor obviously was over feeding or left the tank lights on 24/7. My other 2 tanks are ok but my big tank is the one with the brown fuzzy ****.

My question is how do I get rid of it? Is it saf to take out my big "tree" decoration and scrub the **** off without disturbing the nitrogen cycle? I know that good bacteria live on it but the stuff is unsightly and driving me crazy. I dont want to overclean the tank and cause a mini cycle. I was thinking I could take out one piece of deco once a week and srub the brown stuff until it was under control. Also plan on reducing light time. Any suggestions?

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Unless it alive you can wash it in bleach and water. 1/4 cup max in a bucket, soak a minute or two, scrub, rinse well 2-3 times, final rinse and soak in chlorine remover, shake off and replace. Be smart about doing this with porous objects or those with crevices that can hold water, you want all the bleach gone before replacing.

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