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Because of my ignorance I was not providing calcium supplements to my snail who was orange but is looking gray and his she'll has a hairline crack. To make matters worse I had a drop in ph. I have put a piece of ccuttlbone in the tank as well as a small amount of salt water sand in a mesh bag in the filter as recommended by the fish guy at our local pet store. I rinsed the sand and added Prime. And I gave the snail some romaine lettuce that he is eating. My question, can he recover and is there anything else I should do?
I have a 20 gal tank with the snail (I had 2 snails but the other died) and 5 mollies.

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What kind of snail is it? If it's a freshwater snail which i'm assuming it is as you have mollies, REMOVE THE SALT IMMEDIATELY! They are not salt friendly!

Cuttlebone is a good start. There are also products called wonder shells that slowly dissolve in the water and are supposed to help (i personally use them). Calcium rich foods are good too, so i'd say you are doing well with the calcium now the cracks probably will not reverse but you should be preventing any further damage this way.

Hope that helps!

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I would remove the sand if it came from a saltwater tank. If it's just new sand, it should be ok.

Yes Cuttlebone is good, as is Wonder Shells, but I personally use crushed coral; small amount in a mesh bag to keep my ph steady. You could also use calcium carbonate. Raise the ph slowly.

Snail Jello is a great way to feed the snails calcium and they love it: http://www.myaquariumclub.com/snail-jello-for-noobs-without-great-kitchens-2613.html

The shell should heal if snail fed properly. Good luck.

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