Can I Get More Fish Or Am I Overstocked ??

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Hi , I have a 40 gallon (180ltr) tank and am unsure if I can get more fish

i have the following : 1 Bala shark , 1 dwarf gourami , 4 guppys

1 Pleco , 5 black neon tetras , 5 neon tetras , 5 gold barbs ,

22 fish total

any help appreciated cheers woz

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  • thea:

    All of the fish you have chosen are fine except the bala. Balls are very cute in the pet store but they get very big eventually and are rather nervous fish who benefit from a few friends (3-4 balas minimum are good). That also need a lot of horizontal space. I have heard estimates of a minimum of 5-6 feet long. What kind of Pleco do you have? Some of them also get very big (upto 2 feet long). The barbs can get nippy so watch them. A good place to check communities is Its fun to play with.

  • wozkeo: Hi if u could look at my profile pic that’s my pleco , I bought it as a extra large pleco so I think it stays that size 6inch.
    But not sure , regarding the Bala I learnt the hard way didn’t realise till I did some research , so will be donating him to somebody soon or can I keep him for a bit . He seems very settled and is about 2-3 inch , my barbs are very well behaved really only chase each other and that’s quite rare. I was hoping on getting 1 red tail shark ? What do you think ?
    Cheers woz

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