Can i put a bala shark in tank with male beta fish?

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Can i put a bala shark in tank with male beta fish?

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Nope - bettas are sensitive fish and do best alone or with other smaller, peaceful fish. Balas are in the same family as minnows and barbs and they get rather large uo to 14 inches and prefers to be in schoold of 6 or more (125g+ size tank). You also put the betta in danger of being eaten.

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First of all Bala sharks are peaceful community fish and wouldn't even eat fry they are however a nervous fish and get stressed very easily if chased or housed with more aggressive fish,which makes them probe to white spot, they will also jump if startled so make sure ur tank has cover, betas don't prefer to live Alone they just can... I have had both these fish in the same tank and they get along fine, the bra won't bother the balas and the balas don't bother the beta just make sure you have a tank big enough and keep them in groups of at least 3 the more the better

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