can normal table salt kill parasites? fish was acting crazy ...

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can normal table salt kill parasites? fish was acting crazy hitting itself off tank now looks like blood veins on him and smaller fish keeps nudging him to eat and stays beside him at bottom of tank beside oxyegen wall until food is given takes some then nudges him after he has eaten although he is making sure he is alright and is eating

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it is always advisable that you should use rock salt.normal salt contains Iodine,where as you can't find it in rock use it after partial change of water.can i ask what is your water changing schedule?

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please provide us with a complete list of ur fish,water params,water maintanance shcedule,hw long has ur tank been runing,wats the size of ur tank,at wat temp do u maintain ur tank at?
All these things are important factors in dealing with fish illnesses

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Before using any sort of medication, make sure the aquarium water contains no ammonia or nitrite. If either of these two toxins is present, the fish will not be able to recover.

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Welcome to the forum!
You can get water test kits at your local fish outlet liquid test kits are most accurate and not expensive

For now if you bring some of your aquarium water to your local fish/pet store most will test water for you for free Then you will know if ammonia or nitrites are the problem

With this information you can prevent any of your other fish suffering or deaths from high nitrites or ammonia
The symptoms you described are like the ill effects of high ammonia
I lost one fish to it but thanks to the guys on this forum I managed to save all my others with regular water changes and using a dechlorinater called Stress Coat+ which also helped heal the fish slime coating
Best of luck!

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NEVER use any table salt

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can kill parasites and fish too use aquarium salt !!!!!!!!!!!!

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