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i have siver,rainbow,redtail black sharks,2small shivoram babies,3 neon tetra,1fighter,6 green tiger,8tigerbarb,6golden molly,6silvermolly(small size mollys).My aquarium size lenght-36 inc,

breadth-18inc & height-18inc.i have 3 types of filter ,undergravel.power,sponge,i also have thermostat of 200watt & 3pumps for oxgen supply,with a few roung leafed amozon plants just planted aday back.Can one tell me that small parrot fish can be kept with these fishes & this type of atmosphere as i have never kept parrot fish before.



So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Biswajit Bhattacharya: Yes you can keep parrot fish easely in the setup and with the fish. But when the parrot fish will grow big they will try to eat the mollys.
  • MedicPanda: Sounds like you’re already a little bit overstocked, I’d avoid putting the parrot fish in there and consider getting another tank. The sharks require a larger tank than 50 gallons and the silver shark (Bala shark) should be kept with at least 5 as they are schooling fish. In addition the rainbow and red tailed sharks should not be kept in the same tank as they tend to become aggressive. You need to address the overstocking and incompatibility issues before you have a dead tank.

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