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can we put a snail with an angel fish? i have an angel with 6 goldfish,i am planning to put a snail with that.is it ok.

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No accurate answer can yet be provided, since you have not stated how big your tank is.

First off, goldfish should not live with Angel Fish - Goldfish are coldwater fish, whereas the angel fish are tropical. Thus meaning there not suitable matches. Your fish may be surviving, however, expect there growth and their lifespan to be stunted.

I'd recommend moving the two in to seperate tanks.

My first guess would be that the fish could live with the snail with no worries at all. The worst case scenario would be that the fish nibble off the snails antennas.

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The snail will be fine with angelfish, but goldfish will not. Angelfish are a tropical species, and goldfish originate in cooler waters. Even if they manage to survive together, neither species will do well in the same aquarium.

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