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Well just when you think you can start doing more fish stuff, a computer problem creeps up. This time, Chrome has decided to update itself automatically, and the newest version is so big that it bogs down the system. And you can’t bog down the system when you have lots of algae scrubber pics to post :)

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • MedicPanda: I hear ya! I got tired of chrome’s "bovine feces" and went to SeaMonkey. It’s similar to Firefox, without the bells and whistles... Fast, Easy, and no annoying add-ons getting in the way :)
  • SantaMonica: I’ve heard of Seamonkey.
    But I think I’ve nailed the fix: Delete the "update" folder in the google folder; disable update in chrome:plugins, and set "stop using task scheduler" in the advanced tab of XP’s scheduled tasked.
    Chrome vers 20 seems fast and compatible with most things.
  • SantaMonica: Well it took Chromium (not Chrome) version 28 to fix everything, including the all-important automatic Google Translate function.

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