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After reading a lot (and I mean A LOT) on this forum about vegies for fish. Last night I had an abundance of Spinach from the garden, I washed and steamed it, and placed a small ball of it at the bottom of my tank anchored by a rock. They went NUTS! They were crazed! I had a Cory MOB in my tank. The green was just swirling around them, they buried themselves in it, they had NO SHAME!

My Cory Cats became CONSUMERS, filling themselves with glee and gluttony apparent in every bite, slurp, and random roll as if gliding on silk. It was an embarassing spectacle and I am grateful that no human outside of my immediate family was present. :) All kidding aside if any fish keeper has these Corydora’s share your Spinach if you haven’t already.

Just a small amount of clean steamed or mildly boiled spinach. I used about a Tablespoon compacted down and pinned by a rock. It was a delightful show of complete joy that my family watched as if it were a favorite television program. The balance of the cooked Spinach I flash froze into fishy serving sizes using an ice cube tray, then bagged it for future use!

Always allow frozen treats to defrost prior to giving them to your fish. After you or they (the Cory’s) are finished enjoying their treat remember to remove any leftovers from your tank so as not to create an excess of waste. :)

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  • tropical_tiffini: Very interesting! I will definitely have to try that with my cories. :) Thanks for sharing!
  • Shocker: Nice blog, thanks for doing the research. I will also try this.
  • Newfishmom: Tank You! :)
  • astaire: Very cool! I will have to try that with my cories! :) Thanks!
  • astaire: Just put some spinach in! I don’t think they have discovered it yet.... Watching them closely!
  • astaire: Wow you were right! They went nuts!!

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