Cutest Name

What is the best name for what kind of fish, I always struggle with this because I checked what some names mean, I checked mine out, I am live up to my name(= Even with fish I have a somewhat difficult time naming them. I named one betta peter after I got him on my B-Day and watched Peter Pan (don’t ask). Turns out there was a problem with the water and he died a little later, I still wasn’t happy with is name. Then, I got Jinx and named her after a cartoon character. She’s very aggressive and the name suited her. Then came Phantom, named after the Phantom of the Opera, and the ghosts in Christmas Carol (I was in the play at the time) If I get another betta some time I’ll just waste too much time thinking of a name as usual. So what’s everyone’ s inspiration for naming fish. I’m already considering the name Jean Valjean. As you can see I sort of need help on names. Please give me your input.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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