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Tank is now cycled my ammonia reading is 0 my nitrite is 0 and my nitrate is 20. In conclusion I found that adding the nutrafin cycle that came packaged with the tank at the start of the cycle has helped to cycle the tank a little faster and kept the fish added after day 3 safe. I think it does boost the first stage bacteria as I’ve never had an ammonia reading above 0 exept when the filter got blocked an wasn’t working at 100% , once I’d corrected this ammonia level dropped back to 0. As for nitrite I’ve only had a high reading of 1.8 on day 14 which also corresponded to the filter problem. It has steadily decreased to 0. I did do 25% water changes when it was at 0.8 but then stopped them when it got to 0.3 I was also adding nutrafin cycle at each water change. I think that this keeps up the levels of bacteria that would be lost in the water change. I know many people think bottled bacteria doesn’t work for one reason or another but I don’t think it hurts to add it at water changes. I certainly would use it again if I didn’t have acces to some mature filter media to help. Now to think about mor stock I’ll keep an eye on water quality as I add more stock and do parcial weekly water changes.

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