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do frsh water snails need new shells?
we have two snails one is a golden mystery and not sure what the other is but it is brown

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No. The shell grows with them. Because of this, snails do best in hard, more alkaline water where there are more minerals available to strengthen the shell. Soft water doesn't have these minerals in as much abundance, and acidic water can weaken the shell.

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No, they grow their shells like you grow your fingernails! Make sure they're getting calcium. Look at the ingredients in your food and see if calcium is listed. If it is, great! You're one step closer to healthier snails. I would recommend making sure they have more though. You can do this by boiling a piece of broccoli for a few minutes and sticking it on a fork. Lay it down in your tank for your snails (fish like it too!) You can do the same thing with zucchini. I've also heard of people buying calcium vitamins and putting them in your filter. I've never tried it, but if it's pure calcium I can't see anything going wrong. I have put crushed egg shells in a mesh bag in my filter. I didn't see much of an improvement, but I'm going to keep it up for a few weeks until I can know for sure if it works.

Snails are fantastic, I hope you keep them happy!

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We also have an excellent snail jello recipe on this site, and blanched spinach is a big hit at my house I hold it onto the glass with the suction cup feeders. Same thing with blanched kale. Check out our snail forum as well, just say hello, and you will become stickied to that forum. Makes for some good reading at times! Go to categories, fish and plant profiles then look for snail forum and poke on last page number displayed! Cheers!

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My snails have been in the tank for 8 years and the shells just grow with them

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