Does anyone know how to tell long fin black skirt tetras sex?

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I needed female tetras to add in with the two that I already have to cut down on aggression and no one at any pet store I went to could tell me how to tell the difference male or female. Is there anyone out there who does know how? Please share if so...

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Not long ago, one of the aquarium magazines ran an article about black skirt Tetras. As I remember, the females have more girth and a little less elaborate fins. In any case, a half dozen small and large ones should provide at least two genders. (If you get any more, please tell all of us about it. )

Just being in a large school usually cuts down on aggression.

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Johnarthur is right, this works so long as the fish are mature enough.
Try to get your females by choosing from the larger fish, the ones that have the less elaberate fish. Amoungst the smaller fish it can be difficult to spot the difference.
Doing this often annoys the person you are buying the fish from. If it does, I put my wallet away and start to leave!! This usually works.

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