Excessive H20 Evaporation Despite Humid Weather?? I live in Florida. 20 Gal...

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Excessive H20 Evaporation Despite Humid Weather?? I live in Florida. 20 Gallon Tank..2 Goldies.

I used to be known on this forum as lynnmarie0123 but could not log in so i had to create a whole new account.....

After a tank crash and getting that mostly under control, Thanks to JLK, I am now noticing a lot of water evaporating, half inch to an inch per day, in florida where its extremely humid-- with a full lid on the tank, no lights on. Well; there are a few open to the air holes in the top of tank; but mostly it's closed off.

I'm running 4 filters- nothing huge, three 5-15's and a Tetra Whisper 20, using a bit of (less than recommended dosage on box) aquarium salt for fish stress, Prime Water conditioner at PWC;s and Ammo Lock because i cannot get ammonia levels down to save my soul. And i'm not feeding hardly at all to help get ammonia down. Every 2-3 days is all. Water parameters are good except for ammonia, and pH is a bit low so i've also been using the pH Up product by API to get pH up to 6.8

Could it be the salt? Too much filtration? Bubble stone?

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don't know about the filtration but are you using salt on a daily basis? if you are i would stop using it unless you are treating an illness. I would not know what is causing that much evaporation. Maybe someone will chime in and help you!

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From your question, it's possible all those filters are creating too much turbulence and thus causing water evaporation. Because salt and other minerals do not evaporate with the water, they can build to dangerous levels. To prevent jumping and slow water evaporation, you may want to install a close fitting, glass hood.

One filter system is usually enough for a 20 gallon tank, but two mature goldfish are a bit too much. As they grow, you may need a larger aquarium.

To be sure the water loss is from evaporation and not leaks, feel for dampness along the base of the aquarium. You may also want to lower the water level to just above the bottom of the top band.

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john arthur.... You, sir; Are a Genius.

Thank you so much for the suggestions.

As per your recommendation, i did a check around the bottom of the tank and alas, yes there was a leak. I had a towel propped behind one of my HOB filters, between the glass and the filter, to make it hang higher and tilt more forward so water could come out easier. The towel had gotten soaked. Water was coming out that way and i didnt know it, for weeks.

Wow i hope this solves the problem.

I big huge H*U*G from me to you!!!!


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