Fancy guppies vs non-fancy

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What is the difference between fancy guppies and non-fancy guppies? I know I've heard of "feeder guppies" and I think those are the "regular" kind. Is the difference mostly a lack of bright colors and possibly that they're smaller?

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Yes... actually the fancy guppy is not a breed which you can find in natural / wild habitat.

Its actually a result of the selective breeding of the wild guppies over the period & generations.

In wild only wild guppies are found.

Ans to your que:

The difference between the two is as follows:

01. Wild guppies do not have much colors & facy have the same.

02. Wild guppies are comparatively small in size & fancy are big.

Hope this helps.



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Lots of other aquarium fish varieties are developed through selective breeding, inbreeding and culling. This produces the target characteristics, but it can also result in genetic defects.

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Thanks John for that valuable input.

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