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fantail is swimming on its side and its back is arched what is wrong

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The fish is stressed, and stress weakens fish immune systems, leaving them vulnerable to attack by all sorts of diseases and parasites. Excessive stress in an aquarium fish is usually the result of poor water quality and/or inappropriate water parameters.

Water quality can deteriorate because of over crowding or over feeding. Goldfish require quite a bit of room, so a small aquarium is not adequate. Water quality will also be poor if the aquarium does not have a nitrogen cycle, as explained in the following link: http://www.myaquariumclub.com/the-nitrogen-cycle-for-beginners-358.html

As far as practical, the aquarium should simulate the conditions where the fish originated. For example, goldfish originate in cool water. In addition to temperature, an aquarist needs to consider water parameters such as pH, hardness, chemical composition, etc. Without an appropriate environment the fish's health and longevity will be negatively affected.

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If my goldfish is swimming with an arch and in cirles does this mean it's going to die? I must have stresses the fish when I cleaned the tank. All the other fishes are okay. Is there anything I can do to help the poor fishy????

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How did you clean the tank? Do you know what your numbers are for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate & ph? What size tank/how many fish?

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Mine died of this. I checked for signs of life, his gills weren't even moving. Clean the tank completely, give it cooked shelled peas, and some aquarium salt. Hope you fish can get through this.

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Taryn check the date upper right of post before replying to questions. This one is two years old.

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