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Fighting angelfish!
Hiya, I have 2 large angelfish (1 male & 1 female) Who started fighting after I moved last moth. The females tail was almost completely gone so I had to buy a divider. Her tail is growing back slowly (With the help of melafix) So how long do you guys think it will take?? Will I be able to let them back in together after (I upgraded my tank, I thought that may have been the problem)?

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What size is you tank? Her tail should grow back fine with just clean water, no need for meds

Angel fish grow large and are very territorial. once they reach sexual maturity this behaviour is quite common. you may need to rehome one.

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Full grown angelfish need a lot of space. A good rule of thumb is 20gallons for the first Angel and 10 more after that!

2 Angels = 30g
3 Angels = 40g
4 Angels = 50g
Etc, Etc

Hope this helps!
- Matt

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My tank is 35gal. I have been using melafix for about 1 week now and her tail seems to be growing back well! At the bottom of her tail there was a slight infection and a tiny bit of cotton wool like fungus had formed that fell off but that part of the tail still hasnt started to grow back ? Any idea whats happened?? I have a divider and I was wondering if I could take that out in time or would that be a bad idea...

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