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FryI created an account on here months ago, but I’m posting now because I finally got my breeding tank together. I have four female Fancy Guppies and three males. The males are from Pet Smart, I have all deltas, a red-orange, yellow, and orange-yellow guy. I have no idea what the names of their coloration are, but they’re pretty. I got the females from Pet Food Center. Two of the girls have Leopard coloration (the only coloration I know of) on their tails and the other two have light blue or maybe white color on the ends of their tails, but all of them are deltas too.

The females were big and pregnant when I bought them and three of them still are. I have twelve fry swimming around in my aquarium and I’m sooo thrilled to have them. Since this is my first time breeding these I won’t cull the first batch until they’re color is noticeable. I wouldn’t even actually cull them; I’d just put them in what I’ve been calling my Mutt Tank. It has some feeder guppies I bought (I explained to my cousin why they called them ‘feeder guppies’ and he wanted me to save some of them.) and some other miscellaneous fish.

I really hope that some of the fry have the Leopard coloration like their mothers. There were a lot of males in the aquarium with them that had that coloration and some other pretty ones. I just hope that all the fry live to become adults. If anyone could give me any advice for an amateur breeder it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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