From Where I Can Get Saltwater Aquarium And Clown Fish?

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What is the minimum requirement for marine aquarium what is it cost? Some here LFS told me to not go for marine aquarium becasuse it is too much expensive.
So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • arnabbar: about Rs.20000-30000 at starting for a community marine tank.for only clown fish tank,Rs.15000-20000.
  • Arjun: Thanks. @arnabbar.
    I am beginner in this aquarium field. So is it good for directly go to the marine aquarium or go for freshwater aquarium?
  • arnabbar: in my opinion,i should set up a freshwater tank at first.because marine project is too costly and need much experience.
  • Arjun: Thanks. @ arnabbar
    I want to know one thing that in market some imported aquarium tank available which consist total setup of tank. Where can i get this imported aquarium at wholesale price?
  • arnabbar: i don’t know actually this..:p

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