furry stuff growing in tank, what is it?

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hi i have like white furry stuff growing on my log in my fish tank do you no what it would be? thankyou

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What size tank do you have? How many fish are in it?

The white fuzz your talking about is a fungus/bacteria that grows off of excess nutrients in the water. A major cause of this is over-feeding your fish.

You can try using a gravel Vaccuum to suck some of it out, and change a portion of the water. This will help short term to remove it.

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How long has your tank been setup?

I had this stuff while my tank was cycling for the first 3 weeks after my tank started to near the end of the cycle almost all the white fuzz went away.

Whatever the white fuzz I had was my guppy liked to eat it so I tried not to suck it all out. But I did try to get some of to clean up the tank.

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