Getting Tropical Fish For The First Time (any Advice Appreciated)

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first of all thanks for reading this. im new here as iv been on other forums but this one seems like the friendliest.

Iv kept goldfish all my life. recently my last one died so i now have a 50 litre tank with nothing in it (well i have a fluval pump i bought seperate, gravel and a sunken ship). i plan on buying a 100w tank heater by deltatherm, a new light and some plants. the fish i want to get include neon tetras, Pygmy gourami, small-medium sized catfish and a couple of shrimps. since this is the first time im going to get aquarium fish i need all the advice i can get before getting anything. is this combination ok? is there anything i must add? how often will i need to clean the tank (i used to take 25 - 50% water change every 2 weeks)? is there any special chems i need to add (i used to add chloride remover and water tonic to my tank)?

all feedback and comments is welcomed with open arms and i greatly appreciate you taking time out to read adn reply :)

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • johnarthur:

    This link more or less summarises aquarium basics: The aquarium is relatively small, and all the fish you mentioned would overcrowd it. You may want to start with something less ambitious such as a few guppies and some live plants. This gives you a chance to learn while not losing fish. If you move your question into a forum category rather than a blog, you will probably receive more suggestions. In any case, we are all happy to help introduce you to a hobby we love.

  • hunter95: thanks thats a big help. yeah your right i should just start with the basics (i tend to bee a bit ambitious). i do plan on getting a bigger tank in the future when i have more cash. thanks again for the reply its greatly appreciated :)
  • thea: Here is a short list of appropriate fish communities
    and a reference list of aquarium sizes for different fish.
    Do fishless cycle your tank if the bacteria has died out since it lost all its fish–this will give you time to figure out your community appropriately. Here is a site that is really good for stocking — you can input your tank size and filter and then input fish you want and it will give you feedback. That being said a 50 liter is only 13 gallons — that is a smallish tank and will not be able to house many kinds of fish. Perhaps a centerpiece fish with some small companions is all that you will be able to house.
  • hunter95: thanks thea that really put things into perspective for me. yeah since im only a beginner at this stuff like john said i think im just going to stick with a small ammount of guppies/tetra for now

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