Golden Crossback Asian Arowana Project Update - 18th March 2013, Monday

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The Story Continues...

In Dragon Fury Apartments, BuJi Town, Shenzhen City... it was about 12 noon...

My brother Ivan came to our Aquarium, and we started to add water to the leaking Aquarium, which were fixed last week.

My bro added Tap water directly, which is actually a no-no during Nitrogen Cycle Stage, which I pointed out to him that, when we are adding water or changing water from now onwards, we should be using the WATER TANKER of 3600 Liters, which were being cycled for about more than 7 days now...

Using Nitrogen Cycled Water is beneficial for the health of the fishes, as we know that at least there isn’t any Chlorine, nor Chloramine inside the Nitrogen Cycled Water.


As we are having 20 Aquariums, in 10 segments setup, with 10 sump tanks filtration system, based on our friend Jack’s advise, we should be putting as much Bio-rings as possible in our Bio-rings column for our Sump Tank.


We still need about 5 big sacks of Bio-rings. [These Bio-rings are made up of Ceramics Chips, and have a pH influence of pH 6.8, according to the manufacturer]

The use of Bio-rings in the Sump Tanks is for Biological Filtration, and when water conditions meet about 25 degrees to 29 degrees celsius, hopefully our Nitrogen Cycle for the 20 Aquarium Tanks could be properly completed, therefore to support life. Hopefully, our friendly bacterias eat up the Ammonia/Ammonium, and Nitrite buildup...

Rearing Good Bacteria, is all about surface area... the more surface area you have, the more Good Bacteria colonies that can be formed.


We still need about 2 small bags of Coral Chips, as I would expect to put in 10 small bags of Coral Chips in each sump tank, to stablize the pH, and maintain the pH, preventing pH fluctuations which can be very harmful to our fish.

Uses of Coral Chips : Their core function is to increase the pH level of the Aquarium Tank Water...

Pros : Help Increase pH level, when your Aquarium Tank water gets acidic (most of the time, your Aquarium tank only get acidic, due to rotting matter, like fish food, and plants, and fish excrements not handled in time...)

Cons : Raises kH of the water, as Coral Chips are mainly made up of Calcium. Based on experienced advise, it’s better to “PREPARE” the water’s pH using Coral Chips in a Fishless cycle, because, what happens when you put a bag of Coral Chips inside your filtration system, it’ll cause a SPIKE UPWARDs in pH, and if there are any fishes inside, they will suffer pH SHOCK. Thus, becareful using Coral Chips.


Sticker Thermometer.jpg

pH Tester Kit, with pH water pH 7.00 & pH 4.01 for Calibration

pH Tester Kit.jpg


Water Test Kit.jpg

S-7000, 4.5 m Level Pressure, 7000 liters per hour WATER PUMP - for my 3600 Liters WATER TANKER

S-7000 Water Pump.jpg


We have also bought 20 pieces of KOI MAT (BLACK SPONGE), as supplies for our Aquarium.

What’s happening today is mainly routine now, and my 3 Silver Arowanas are swimming happily, and eating happily... it’s a very rewarding sight.


While purchasing accessories from my friend, Mr. Zhuang, we were discussing about Nitrogen Cycle in Shenzhen.

What we both agree is that, most Aquarium Bosses, do not want to share with people about the Nitrogen Cycle... as this sort of slow down sales for fishes... We both agreed that, the Aquarium Bosses should share this piece of knowledge to the new hobbyist as it’ll truly save them the pain.

Mr. Zhuang shared with me a story, and told me that not so long ago, there was a big boss, that came in to his Aquarium Shop, and asked for advise on how to keep exotic fishes like Flowerhorn, Parrot Fish, Arowanas all in the same Aquarium. The previous seller of these tropical exotic fishes to the big boss didn’t share anything about Nitrogen Cycle, causing all his expensive fishes die... :( what a sad story... however, after Mr. Zhuang had shared with the big boss the story, today, the big boss keep on buying equipments, and accessories, and fishes from Mr. Zhuang...

I am glad to find Mr. Zhuang, and I would certainly like to invite him to my small Aquarium for his experienced advise and guide.


1. To buy lighting, and other accessories for my Aquarium.

2. To meet my Importers.

3. To test water parameters.

Keep you guys posted!

Have a nice day and great week ahead!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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  • Sigi: You have a full week ahead! :) It’s good to have places like MAC where new hobbyists can find good advice an lots of information.

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