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So I’m signed up to recieve emails about special deals from my LFS RMS Aquiticulture every month. This is ewhat I got yesterday:

RMS Aquaculture

Aquarium Sale!

Aqueon (All Glass) Aquarium
Super Sale!!*
10 Gallon Tank - $6.00 With Any $20.00 Purchase.*
(Limit One Per Day.)
20 Gallon High - $15.00 With Any $30.00 Purchase.*
(Limit One Per Day.)
20 Gallon Long - $15.00 With Any $30.00 Purchase.*
(Limit One Per Day.)
29 Gallon - $25.00 With Any $40.00 Purchase.*
(Limit One Per Day.)
40 Gallon Breeder - $39.00 With Any $
50.00 Purchase.*
(Limit One Per Day.)
55 Gallon -$50.00 With Any $50.00 Purchase.*
(Limit One Per Day.)
75 Gallon - $70.00 With Any $70.00 Purchase*
(Limit One Per Day.)
*Limited Time Only! While Supplies Last!
*Must present this Email at the time of purchase.
*Pre-tax purchase amount must be on one receipt.
*Qualifying purchase amount may not be used for more than one tank special.
*Not valid with commercial or employee discounts.
*Excludes prior sales, online sales or shipping charges.
*Strict limit of one aquarium per customer per day.
*Sale valid thru May 31, 2013 or while supplies last.

So naturally, I FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!! Those tanks are DIRT CHEAP!!! Sure, you might say, “Oh, you have to spend like $20-$70 to get it that cheap.” But guys!!! That’s $20-$70 worth of stuff you get to keep and use AND get a dirt cheap tank!!!!!!

It’s more like “If you support our small business, we’ll let you get a tank for NOTHING!!”

I’m trying to convince my parents we NEED to get like a 50 gal or 70 gal tank. I think they understand what a bargin this is, but they keep throwing in stupid excuses. “Where are we going to put it?” My dad is getting rid of his old car THIS WEEKEND that has been taking up half of the garage for over 16 years. I think we’ll have room. “We really shouldn’t do anything to Ian’s room/aquarium until he leaves for college.” I get that. But we can BUY the dirt cheap aquarium and some heaters and filters and such and STORE it in the garage until he’s gone this fall.

I REALLY want to take advantage of this deal, because I REALLY want to get into big aquariums with exotic fish that I just can’t put in our soon-to-be-empty 30 gallon tank or my Oscar-dictated 46 gallon tank.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • johnarthur: Those are some really good prices for new aquariums.
  • ZachAttack: Where is this store? Great deals, I need a load of 10 gallons for my fish room.
  • delfiend: The store is in the Cleveland, OH area. If you are near there I can message you the adress.
  • FishDaddy: WOW! Those are some good prices. You have to spend that much for the filter, heater and decos anyways. Petco runs a $1 per gallon sale every now and again too. I’m waiting for them to run that to get a large tank.

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