Have you ever heard of two Comet Goldfish bullying a Pleco into the corner ...

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Have you ever heard of two Comet Goldfish bullying a Pleco into the corner and EATING it?

Cause that is exactly what happened here.


I have had a hell of a time with this Common Pleco. Got him sick, and with some tender loving care, got him well, then he got sick again, go t him well, he got sick again. Finally for about 3 months he leveled out, and was fine. This whole time, the Comets left him alone. They weren't interested in him, and practically ignored him. He recovered perfectly fine, and was even quite social with me. I had him coming to the top of the tank and even yanking algae wafers out of my hand.

I feed the Comets, and the Pleco, then go to work.

About five hours later, my eldest son who's 6 witnesses something horrible. The two comets out of nowhere suddenly turn around, dive bomb the Pleco roll him over, and over, and eventually herd him into the corner. They then proceed to attack him, and keep shoving him into the corner. And each time they attack him, he says they ripped something off of him. Horrible for a young kid to see huh?

Needless to say, when I get home all that is left, is a bit of the skin on the front of his skull, and his tail. The rest is what is left of his ''skeleton.''

Has anyone EVER heard of this behaviour from two Comets?

The tank they are in is a 55 Gallon, running 3 Aquaclear 110's, all water parameters before, and after the incedent read 0,0,35.

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I've not heard of attack Comets, no.

Any fish will be aggressive in certain conditions. If they are over crowded and have to share too much space, they can get very aggressive. Comets get pretty big, needing 50g per fish. That coupled with your pleco being sickly sets him up for attack. Wild animals, which fish truly are, will attack the weak. In their defense he was a fish prone to illness intruding on their turf.

I am so sorry your son witnessed that. Poor guy.

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