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hawkeye 201 air pump

My pump stopped bubbling .. i cleaned the tank and unplugged before i started cleaning water out, i plugged it back in and now it doesnt blow the air thru tube to make bubbles is there some sort of trick or is is wrecked? It still viberates and makes a little noise but its not loud or anything like it was broke.

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some times there is a rubber thing in pumps that go out. not sure what they are called but if there is a little tear in the rubber it wont work. if its like mine then you should be able to take the top off and see a little rubber piece in it with a little round piece of metal on it. check to see if there is a small tear in it.

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The rubber thing is a diaphragm with one way intake and exhaust valves. They can be replaced when they wear out, but sometimes the replacement parts are expensive and difficult to find.

Although i don't like the throw away marketing concept, it's often easier and cheaper to buy a new air pump. At some of the big retail outfits, aquarium pumps are very inexpensive. Many of them also have ratings based on aquarium sizes. If the pump ends up being too powerful, you can add a bleed valve. The amount of back pressure on the pump affects diaphragm life.

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