Help! Added black mystery snail to frog tank, but it's getting worse

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My son has 2 frogs and I've been changing the water weekly to keep clean, I add the chemicals they told me to use to get the chlorine out of the water in advance too. So I recently added the snail, on the advise of petsmart, they said to do it not when I first changed the water, but maybe a few days in and not too dirty.. so that's what I did, it's been almost a week and the tank is filthy. I do see the snail in different spots of the tank, but why is it not cleaner? I was told I'd have to change the water much less often. Is there something I am doing wrong? Would appreciate advice as my sons room is getting smelly. Thanks in advance!!

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How big is the tank? One snail is not going to be a very good cleaner, especially a mystery snail. My mystery never eats anything but the food I put in there.

What do you mean by dirty? Waste? Uneaten food? Algae?

Even with the snail you will need to change the water at least 30-50% once a week. If it's a smaller tank, you will need to do more.

Is your tank cycled? A cycled tank should only smell earthy.

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Thanks for your reply... the tank isn;t big at all... maybe a gallon. I'm sure everything is contributing to the "dirt" waste, food, etc... It's not cycled. Do you know if there is something else I can put in to keep it clean for longer? Another snail, or one of those sucker fish?

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If it is not cycled, adding another animal will only worsen the problem, especially in a 1 gallon. You definitely do not change the water less often- in fact, more often, because the tank is over crowded. Just the mystery snail needs about 2.5 gallons, plus the frogs, I forrget how much they need, but I'm pretty sure it's more than 1 gallon each.
Snails do not eat dirt or poo. The eat algae, and even then only some types. If I were you, I would get rid of the snail, add some Seachem Stability (contains bacteria needed to cycle a tank) each day for a week, and do lots of partial water changes. Probably about 25% twice weekly until your ammonia and nitrite levels are consistenly at zero and nitrate levels consistenly under 40 (the lower it is under 40 the less algae type problems you will have). Once those levels go down and stay down, you can go to 25-30% water changes once weekly, making sure you use a water conditioner. If you levels raise again, do more water changes. YOu might end up having to get rid of one or both frogs, or buying a bigger tank. A small tank i s very hard to keep the levels down in, because there is less water to dilute the toxins, which are created by all plants, animals, and food in the tank.

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The aquarium needs a filter or at the very least an air stone powered by a small pump. Like Kirstin Ann said, a much larger aquarium would be better, as would some live plants. In addition, you may be over feeding; all offered food should be eaten within a few minutes. Uneaten food will make ammonia and dirty water.

Our forum has information about the nitrogen cycle and biological balance. You may want to use the SEARCH button at the top of the page to learn more. Although these things are very important, they usually don't tell you about them at the pet store. We're here to help, so keep in touch.

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