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Growing up, my family ALWAYS had pets. Gerbils, hamsters, fish, reptiles, dogs, etc. My brother and I absolutely loved it was only natural that when I moved out, I’d want pets to be in my life. I adopted Tia when I moved into a small apartment, she was about 3 months old. She has bouts of feline conjunctivitis that the vet thinks is from her growing up in shelters...she was on her 3rd and last shelter when we met. Angel came to us through a former coworker that knew of a lady whose Pit had puppies that couldn’t be cared for. She was 2 months old and very unhealthy when I got her. The vet didn’t know if she’d survive or she’s a healthy, active, happy dog! I got my 42 gallon tank from my mom who, due to a medical issue, no longer wanted the responsibility of maintaining the tank. Lucy (Blue Mystery snail) and Ethel (Ivory snail), are the first inhabitants of the tank, and now have a newer friend in Nemo (golden snail). Natalie Woods is my beautiful female Betta and she runs her own 2.5 gallon tank. She has the most personality of any Betta I’ve ever had and is a joy to have! Squid was an accidental purchase from Petco...went there to buy aquarium supplies, saw him, and could not leave without him. I had Crested Geckos in the past and lucky for us still had everything needed from before. Shredder Jr came from someone that could no longer care for he joined my weird little family and is awesome!

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  • Clover_G1rl: I forgot to add, I used to have 2 danios that were in a 10 gallon tank (only meant to be temporary) but they died. I was looking in the tank after that and low & behold they had fry! Unfortunately, only 1 of the 12 survived and it’s doing very well right now.

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