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hi, i have white fuzzy stuff growing on inside of my tank, ive dont water changes even as much as 50% . this stuff keeps comming back, what can i do to remove it ?

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After you physically remove the fuzz, here are a few ways to decrease its nutrients.

First, feed the fish no more than they actually eat in two or three minutes. Also avoid over crowding the aquarium.

Next, change about 25 percent of the water every week. To further reduce fuzz nutrients, add some fast growing plants.

Finally, make sure nothing in the aquarium is producing any sort of sugar. A piece of pine driftwood can, or a piece of fruit. Some high starch veggies will also add sugars.

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hi johnarther, thank you for your response,i have manually cleaned it twice, and doing 20% every week but the stuff keeps comming back, i do feel that im over feeding but as im new to owning fish tanks im unsure of how much and what to feed, i have:-

2 tinfoil barbs approx 5in
1 cat fish approx 8in
6 corrys approx 1.5in
2 clown loaches approx 2.5in
2 angel fish approx 2in
5 garammies approx 3-4in
5 other barbs approx 1.5in
3 bamboo shrimp

all these in a 240 ltr tank with a 400ltr aquamanta external filter.

i do have some plants in tank but not loads.i also have small amount of bog wood.

many thanks

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